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Well that was interesting...

I wonder if Harry Reid and his boys had fun in their Double Super Secret Spy Club yesterday? I wonder whether girls were allowed in the treehouse? Did Barbara Boxer get a decoder ring too?

Alas, we'll never have the answers, because this was a secret session, and Congress takes classified information very, very seriously! So there will be no leaks whatsoever. None. I'm pretty sure about that.


First Paul Hackett comes in second in Ohio special election, now Harry Reid shuts down C-SPAN's cameras in the Senate chamber for over two hours. Slowly but surely the Democrats make their move on Republican control of congress.

Laugh if you want, but I see the cunning and subtle hand of Howard Dean in all of this. And if you think the good doctor will stumble this time, just remember how he parlayed a multi-million dollar run for the '04 Democrat presidential nomination into a surprise move on the chairmanship of the DNC -- nobody saw that one coming either.

Given that the author of this blog wasn't even aware that the second phase of the "bipartisan Senate report on these matters" has NOT been completed.. it was a necessary wakeup call.

Heh heh heh...you said "subtle" and "Howard Dean" in the same sentence.

Puff puff pass, man. XD

You are so right about that PE. After reading this blog I'm convinced that the author of this blog is oblivious, in denial, dangerous.

It is long past time that congressional Democrats shut down the Senate and delivered a wake-up call to Barry.

The Senate Intelligence Committee report was fairly definitive in its assessment that the faulty WMD intelligence did not result from political pressure from the White House, but rather intrinsic failures within the intelligence community. But now, with the war losing political popularity, the Democrats want to re-hash the whole thing again. Of course many Democrats voted for the Iraq invasion, so they should take care that they don't make themselves appear gullible and wishy-washy when it comes to national security, but that's their problem, not mine.

If Reid and company want to re-open the debate about how we were "lied" into war by false intelligence, I say we give 'em the debate. And let's have it range as free and wide as necessary, including, but not limited to, Joe Wilson, his super-secret agent wife, and the entire CIA. It also needs to go back at least to 1998, when Bill Clinton got Congress to pass the Iraq Liberation Act, largely due to WMD concerns.

I'm still not sure what Reid's little Inner Sanctum stunt yesterday has to do with any of that, but by all means, bring it on.

As per the agreement made in February 2004, the first phase of the Senate Intelligence Committee report was to explore the intelligence community and not the administration, so as a result it focused on failures within the intelligence community and not the actions of the White House.

This agreement was insisted on by Senate Republicans because they did not want a report that focused on administration failures coming out just before the election. So we are not now talking about a new report, but rather the rest of the investigation which has so far been kept from the American public.

Of course many Americans supported the Iraq invasion, but I guess if they believed the administration it is their problem for being "gullible".

The oxymoronic "Senate Intelligence" Commmittee must have put on their special Ray Charles autograph sunglasses if they failed to discover that, hey!, Bush lied! Cheney lied! Scooter lied and obstructed! Rove lied, obstructed, and performed one of his famous Mafia style hits on the family of a critic.

Either we all need to believe that the Bush Administration, which planned the Iraq War long before 9-11, is just chock full of bumbling but innocent Mr. Magoos who, by golly, just happened to make mistake that just happened to convince the country to go to war -- OR -- that they are lying sacks of shit with well-laid plans to rape average Americans and enrich their little gang of frat boy buddies.

I haven't been raped.

They're probably doing alphabetically. Just relax.

It's times like this that I wish I was a frat boy buddy instead of an average American.

And according to Bailey, we've been raped since 2000. No wonder we're all having trouble walking and sitting down.

I guess you don't work and own a skateboard then, because if you've been paying taxes and pumping gas, you've been raped "Bigtime" -- maybe you just like bending over for those big, powerful men, sissy.

Maybe it just doesn't SEEM like rape when they stick around to cuddle afterwards.

it's a gentler kind of rape, for sure.

Snuggle up this winter to another Bush Tax -- your heating bill.

Bend over and smile, sissies!

Actually, I own no skateboard, and I have paid taxes, and it still doesn't bother me. Why is that? Oh, yeah, because I'm not a stereotype, and I really don't give a sh!t about money. And I tend to shy away from name-calling, seeing as how I'm older than 5.

Wow, you don't care about money! You are Bush's dream citizen! I bet you are going to volunteer for the military next!

considering that my grandfather served in the Air Force himself, in fact serving on a SAC base (that's Special Air Corps, which is one of the Air Force's equivalents to the SEALs or Army Rangers, bailey. And the p ans s in corps are silent), so, because of his service, the thought has crossed my mind. The thought of being on the field of battle with peers who know exactly what is going on over there and why we're there and what they're going up against and still fighting seems like something I could get behind. As of now, I'm actually looking for other jobs in the government, and as soon as I get out of Law School, I'll be more than happy to serve my government in any form. And tell me, why should I care about money, other than tuition costs?

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