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What do you do when you're down by 30 points?

If you're Freddy Ferrer, you release an ad that portrays your opponent giving a handjob to the president.

Bloomberg wears a suit. Bush sports a cowboy hat, a plaid shirt and a holster with a gun. They are bobbing up and down.

Then Bloomberg's right hand, which holds a wad of cash, moves up and down in a rhythmic motion below Bush's belt, as a grin crosses the president's face, and his arms and legs quiver momentarily.

Bloomberg then gives the money to the president -- and Bush's pistol goes off in celebration.

The Bloomberg campaign cried foul, charging the commercial clearly shows the mayor performing a sex act on Bush.



No wonder Republicans are quaking int their cowboy boots over '06...with that kind of serious discussion of the issues, they don't stand a chance.

I guess they learned a lot from that Willie Horton "Dem blacks is goings to rapes all da white wimmens!" ad the Republicans paid for and ran nationwide.

Don't quite remember that one. Why must you hate everyone so much, Bailey Hankins?

You don't remember the Willie Horton ad? Bush I used it to bury Dukakis, by suggesting that Dukakis wanted to release all large black murderers from prison to go a-rapin' and a-torturin' white people on the weekends.

The commercial showed the shadowy figure of a large hulking black man and told the story of the crimes he committed on a weekend furlough -- crimes against a young white couple.

Of course the commercial was mostly lies. Karl Rove later perfected the technique.

As far as I can remember, it was the truth that Dukakis had released a murderer on a weekend furlough, and the murderer had killed. I never knew the race of the man or woman involved, and I certainly never heard of anything as grotesque as you're suggesting. And I learned this on my own, seeing as how I was 2 in '88, and not quite caring yet about politics.

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