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A neat idea

Peter Jackson's "King Kong" is faring much worse than expected at the box office so far. I actually think Jonah Goldberg is onto something when he says people are hesitant to go see it when they know in advance that it's going to have such a bummer of an ending. That's true in my case, anyway, and I've been excited about this movie for a long time.

But my wife had an interesting thought this morning: What if Peter Jackson had decided to remake the movie with a much happier ending, but had conspired with the media to keep it a secret?

That woulda been cool....


That movie has already been made- twice. It was called "Mighty Joe Young". Giving "Kong" a happy ending would be like letting Romeo and Juliet elope to America.

Are you familiar with the movie 'Brazil'? The one time I saw it on TV some suit decided it needed a happy ending and editted it so the dream sequence of rescue was left as the movie's ending...


That just sucked.

Miserable, crappy, unhappy endings are so much better.

It's a terrific film. Anyone who doesn't want to see it because of the ending is a moron. If you recall, back in December 1997 there was a movie released which involved spectacular deaths of over 1400 people, and one of those deaths portrayed was of a character played by then-heartthrob Leonardo DiCaprio, in a scene very similar to Kong's death fall (just one scene in KONG lifted almost verbatim from That Other Boat Movie).

That movie went on to gross over a billion dollars worldwide.

I think KONG is a summer picture, not a December one. People are still out shopping, not going to the movies. If it still does poorly after Christmas, then we can talk.

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