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A pointless family anecdote

A few years ago, someone asked my father whom he'd choose to be stranded with for a month on a desert island if he could pick anyone in the world. He paused a moment to give this the serious consideration such matters warrant before finally deciding on Halle Berry, a perfectly reasonable choice.

This was back before Ms. Berry became a household name*, however, and it was one that didn't come easily to my Dad. What came out was, "I don't know. Haley Barbour, I guess."

That's why I can't help giggling every time Barbour's name comes up in the news, as it's doing now with the case of Cory Maye.

Oh well, I told you it was pointless. Back to my legal chores.

*This was well before Berry won the Oscar for "Best Performance by a White Women Pretending to be the First Black Woman to Win the Best Actress Award."


I have to agree with your father's choice. Halle Berry would do it for me.

Don't tell Mrs DBK.

As long as she didn't talk too much.

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