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Just like Mommy does

Seriously, come on. I know Barbra Streisand has ventured into kidlit in the past. Please tell me this is Babs writing under a pen name, right? Right?

As K would say, I am without words. Peek inside if you dare.

(Hat tip: Cosmo)


I'll buy a copy to wipe my ass.

You know, like Mommy does.


With respect to your perfectly horrid blog, I'm reminded of the words of Marcus Aurelius, who said to always honor the human faculty which produces opinions, proving once and for all that he never met you.

But keep up the steady stream of drivel; nobody seems to be reading it anyway.

Have a great day!

It's like deja vu all over again.

Au contraire. Bailey reads it every day.

"Nobody puts Bailey in a corner."
-- Patrick Swayze, who would stomp a mudhole in Marcus Aurelius' ass, if it ever came to that.

Looking at the sample pages made me want to puke.

The "Democratic values of fairness, peace, tolerance, and concern for the well-being of others?"


I guess Bill Clinton shot all that "peace and concern for the well being of others" all to hell with our Kosovo campaign, LBJ shot those things all to hell by expanding Vietnam, and both Wilson and FDR thrashed all that love of "peace" and "concern for the well being of others" with their getting us into WW I & WW II respectively - Wilson with the bogus lie of the Lusitania and FDR by deliberately provoking Japan by cutting off their oil and steel supplies.

"Fairness" and "tolerance" are also "Democratic values?

Well, I like Bill Clinton's brand of "fairness and tolerance" when he sharply curtailed race/gender preferences and signied Welfare Reform into law.

To all the liberal femmes out there, how about more breast feeding and less brow beating, OK.

Wow, that's really out there. The idea the Democrats keep us safe is perhaps the most dangerous idea of the Left, who suck just like the Right, you Neocon morons.

Looks like nobody gets you, Barry.

Funny book. Loved the sample pages. But seriously, Barry, you can make anyone look silly by taking example sof what the fringe says. Except the Republicans, since the fringe is in control of the GOP today. Eisenhower would be considered a wild-eyed radical commie by today's core GOP crowd. Hell, Eisenhower was a general and would have avoided Iraq like a plague, or made sure we had the troops to succeed there. Which is why I think the fringe is in control of the GOP and you get these weirdos at your site with the usual trash-talk about kicking people's butts.\

Yellow elephant anyone?

No thanks, I just had a yellow elephant this morning.

Oh, and just to continue to education I have been offering your intelligent and thoughtful readers, "we liberals" aren't all big fans of Babs, either. Personally, I wish she would shut the hell up. When Bruce Willis makes his whacky announcements, it makes the GOP look silly and shallow, just like Babs makes the left look silly and shallow when she says whatever she has to say about politics.

Are you sure you wouldn't like some yellow elephant?

Sounds kinda gross, actually. Gimme the fresh elephant.

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