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Three questions about Joe

Isn't it time for Joe Lieberman and Lowell Weicker to just switch parties?

Also, some Democrats have taken to referring to Lieberman and others as "Dreydelcrats". Can you imagine if a Republican were to say such a thing?

Finally, I wonder if Democrats now regret allowing Joe to run for that Senate seat while he was simultaneously campaigning for VP?

Hope so.


Just FYI, tried to Trackback here, couldn't.

Seriously? Dreydelcrats? Seriously? Oy.

Thanks, Mr. Snitch. Fixed it.

The Jews just follow the power. They have been whispering in the ears of Kings for thousands of years. As a tiny minority of the population, they can't afford to go against the ruling power (like in Nazi Germany).

You don't like anybody, do you?

You whiney people just don't like hearing the truth. You aren't cynics, you are all closet pollyannas with your eyes glazed over as you slobber on your autographed 8x10 glossies of Bush, the most flagrantly un-American and criminal president of all time.

Do you at least like me?

I liked Mr. Rogers, but he's dead now.

Why don't you like me?

"The Jews just follow the power" (BH)

Ooh, yeah, creating a globally and economically viable nation out of middle east swampland and desert using nothing but hard work is indeed following the power. Christ, sometimes I think you're actually Barry or CRB playing a characterization just to throw us off.

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