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Time's "Persons" of the Year

Yes, I'll agree it was a lame choice. But what did you expect? This dubious honorific has come to mean even less than the Nobel Peace Prize.


"Bono...Bill Gates..."

"People with bad glasses! People who attract more hate than they earn! Uh...uh...People who haven't done anything significant in a decade!"

My audition for The $64,000 Pyramid.

i dunno, the dude from Time said on Drudge's radio show last night that the weather was such a major issue in 2005 and that charity giving was a huge part of that story.

I dunno, I couldn't really think of who'd have been better for Person of the Year. Maybe it shoulda been Ahmednejad? Rafic Hariri? Chavez?

I have always wondered if Bono was conceived during a rerun of the Sonny and Cher show and was just too embarrassed to call himself Sonny.

What was wrong with Paul David Hewson as a name, anyway?

Sorry, I couldn't resist as I find single-named performers almost as fatuous as athletes who refer to themselves in the third person.

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