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Who'd have ever thought?

You gotta love it.


Well, the the former palace of Saddam Hussein is under American control. Notice that it was the US Armed Services that granted her permission to organize the ceremony. Such ceremonies might continue under an independent Iraqi government, but for the moment she essentially is being allowed to practice her religion in an area controlled by the United States, something that she could've done prior to the invasion.

That is pretty great, isn't it?

Shouldn't she be killed for her beliefs? I'll bet Pelosi will organize a protest because of this? Bush is spreading Zionism!

Happy New Year!!

Yes, that makes sense, since the Republican party is so well known as the Party of Tolerance. I'm sure Liberal Democrats want to crucify Jews. Wow, you are SPOT ON!

I seem to recall liberal comedian Al Franken talking about celebrating Channukah, and lighting a menorah, in one of Hussein's palaces when Franken was on one of his USO trips to entertain the troops, so that story does not mark the first time that sort of thing occurred. I heard Franken talking about it last year or the year before last, so it predates this article by a pretty comfortable lead.

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