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As if this really needs to be said

I'm sure this will provide great fodder for the lefty bloggers for days to come, so I might as well get ahead of the curve here. Ann Coulter's "joke" about poisoning John Paul Stevens is unfunny, to say the least. I understand that the whole point of making such asinine comments is to gin up controversy and, by extension, publicity. I get that. But if Ann Coulter is forced to descend to Democratic Underground-level hate speech in order to get some media attention, then perhaps she should reconsider whether she's cut out for a career in punditry after all.


She's a pundit?

I always thought of her as something that sort of rhymes with punditry....at least the first syllable. Starts with "c"......

Wow. She's sort of, um, not nice. Or sane. Every time I think she's just doing something for attention, she says something like this and I begin to think she's bought into her own hype and really. How sad is that?

God that woman is HOT!!

Sorry...Ann just does it for me.

I dont think she that hot. I think she is sick in her head. I would give you that: She is the hotest among the certified lunatics of the right.

Is Ann Coulter ever funny? I can enjoy a good conservative joke, but hers are just lame and unoriginal.

Hey, withoutfeathers, what is it about Coulter that turns you on? The adam's apple? ;)

i love her eyeballs sunken in her sockets...her toothpick legs that somehow don't look good, her man voice and husky laugh, her high school-level writing ability and the fact that her only source of male companionship all these years seems to be Matt Drudge of questionable orientation.

despite all this, she does need to be F'd, and F'd hard, and then cut up with a chainsaw.

Dont be mean to withoutfeathers. Some people are attracted to stupid bizzare women. It is sort of a kink I guess :)

Coulter is an easy target. She'll be on firm ground saying that "the Left has never had a good idea," but her penchant for going that little extra, to say "The Left never had an original idea" IS wrong and invites criticism - after all, death camps and eradicating private property/freedom ARE ideas, just very bad ones.

Sometimes she'll even say something especially hyperbolic, like, "We need somebody to put rat poisoning in Justice Stevens' creme brulee," though, to be fair, she made it immediately clear that she was kidding adding, "That's just a joke, for you in the media."

And it's not as though the Liberals can claim anything close to any moral high ground on this, what with the likes of the sputtering Bob Beckel, the hissing James Carvil in their so-called "mainstream," along with the always nefarious and perennially hyperbolic Ted Rall, as well as hordes of others who never pass up an opportunity to bash America and laud its enemies, from Michael Moore, to Randi Rhodes to the adled Harry Belafonte on the more strident edge of their side.

Hey, withoutfeathers, what is it about Coulter that turns you on? The adam's apple? ;)

Hey, Jill -- If you think Coulter is a tranny, just say so. I'm mean...you don't think there would be anything wrong with that...do you?

There's machismo and sarcasm dripping out of my monitor and onto my keyboard.

I'll take credit for the sarcasm -- Jill: You wanna own up to the machismo?

"I'll take credit for the sarcasm -- Jill: You wanna own up to the machismo?" (WF)

Good one!

Not that there's anything wrong with that!

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