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Flipping MoveOn the Byrd

The moonbats' favorite ex-Klansman just became the third Democratic senator to announce support for Sam Alito. This will be convenient to remember the next time someone tries to explain how Byrd's staunch commitment to progressive causes redeems his racist past.

For my part, I always thought too much was made of Byrd's "progressive" credentials. I think a lot of people tend to use the war in Iraq as the defining metric in political categorization these days. It doesn't work very well, however, as it frequently leads to absurd conclusions, such as "Lieberman is a conservative" (he isn't) and "Byrd is a HoDe/Kos style progressive" (he isn't.)

Anyway, it seems it's a tough reality for the DUers to face.


Barry, you are right that Byrd is more moderate than most people think. For some reason he has become the new folk hero of the Left, but they are going to have to choose. If Alito is as bad as they say and represents the end of the republic as we know it, there's no way they can justify their continued adoration of Byrd.

Here is what I think about Byrd .

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