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Howard Dean is right

Not always, of course, but he's right when he says

Howard Dean, chairman of the Democratic National Committee, said today that his party relished the thought that Missouri Congressman Roy Blunt might soon become majority leader.

"If you like Tom DeLay, you're going to love Roy Blunt," Dean said at a Democratic rally at the Uptown Theater.

I hope the Republican Caucus is listening.


I am glad you finally find things that Dean says useful. However, I dont think it will matter if the Republican Caucus listens to him on that specific issue. The only way that the Republican party will not implode is if the moderate/rational republicans (i.e. McCain, Chaffee, Hagel, Snowe, Collins, etc.) stand up to the wingnuts that have hijacked their party.

That will never happen -- look at what it took to get DeLay to step down. Just like the Southern Baptists, once the conservatives take over they change all the rules so that they are NEVER out of power again. They will never go voluntarily. Eventually all the moderates just had to leave, even though they were actually the majority. Conservatives never learned how to share.

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