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I'm a communist

It's true, at least according to this post over at Samizdata.

To put it simply, either Linux dies - or the whole of human creativity will become a stagnant swamp. Anyone who disagrees with this is a communist.

Samizdata is one of my favorite sites, and I was 99% sure that the post excerpted above was parody, but it was so craftily done that I had to read it through twice to convince myself with absolute certainty. Read the whole thing.

It wasn't Samizdata, of course, but rather Steve Ballmer who called me a communist. Steve Ballmer can go fsck himself.


AWK! I may be featherless, but I am penguinish to my kernel!

And talk about the pot calling the kettle cancer! No one has done more to stifle innovation in the software industry than messers Ballmer and Gates.

Personally, I'd love to see a self administred fsck -f ballmer...but I wouldn't want to be the one to | the output!

I was amazed how many people were initially taken in by Alex's article, hehe :-)

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