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Memo to all you multilateralists and internationalists out there: Your time is rapidly running out on the issue of Iran. Clearly you would have us believe that the vaunted "international community" is the preferred instrument for the resolution of international crises. Well, now's your chance to convince us. Put up or shut up, in other words.

Multinational solutions are all well and good, but thus far the E.U. and the U.N. together have done precisely pea shit toward preventing Iran's mad sprint to become a nuclear power. If that doesn't change, your side is not going to have a lot of credibility the next time it tries to beat the drums of multilateralism.

Should things continue in this vein (as it appears likely they will) and it becomes necessary for the U.S. or Israel to launch a pre-emptive strike, I do not want to hear any bitchin' from your side of the fence.

If such a strike should come to pass, it will mean one thing and one thing only: You guys had yet another chance to demonstrate the efficacy of the global community in resolve security crises... and you blew it.


Does Iran have enough oil to make it worth using our military to enrich Halliburton?

Dear Readers,

Do you want that Palestine will be free?
If your answer is yes, I recommend you the following home page:

"This image shows the future. A minaret-form skyscraper rises from the
mass of the buildings in New York, the most densely populated city of the
United States. The building is the “Tower of American-Islamic Friendship”.
It symbolizes two things: on one hand there are a growing number of Moslem
people in the U.S.; and on the other hand it shows that the U.S. is in
alliance with the Islamic countries. Due to the new friendship America
does not provide any more financial or military aid to Israel, which leads
to the weakening of Israel and consequently, the freedom of Palestine."

Zoltan Biro

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