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More on Shadegg

This is why I want John Shadegg as House Majority Leader.

Republicans promised the American people two things in 1994. First, we promised to rein in the size and scope of the federal government. Second, we promised to clean up Washington. In recent years, we have fallen short on both counts. Total federal spending has grown by 33% since 1995, in inflation-adjusted dollars. Worse, we have permitted some of the same backroom practices that flourished in the old Democrat-controlled House. Powerful members of Congress are able to insert provisions giving away millions -- even tens of millions -- of dollars in the dead of night. The recent scandals involving Duke Cunningham and Jack Abramoff have highlighted the problem, but this is not just a case of a few bad apples. The system itself needs structural reforms.
Every year Congress adopts a budget, and every year we exceed it. Cheats and dodges -- supplemental spending without offsets, "off budget" spending -- hide this expenditure, but it is added to our national debt, a legacy of irresponsibility to burden future generations. We are still using a budget process that dates from 1974, when Democrats ruled the House and the government was a fraction of its current size. We need reforms in our budget rules to force Congress to stay within the budget it adopts.

No elected official who takes a bribe, including a member of Congress, should get a taxpayer-funded pension. This is a reform I proposed months ago, as soon as we learned about Duke Cunningham's crimes, and it is one that others have urged for years. Who is afraid of this reform?

I grew up watching the example of Barry Goldwater, who worked closely with my father. He taught me that "a government that is big enough to give you all you want is big enough to take it all away." That philosophy guided me when I ran for Congress in 1994. I was thrilled to be part of the Revolutionary Class of '94, and the sense of hope and mission of the early days after the American people elected a Republican majority in the House is still with me. We believed then that we could take back our government, and I believe it today.

Good luck, John.


Do you seriously think that Republicans/Conservatives are any different from the Democrats/Liberals you so despise? Are you on record as opposing DeLay becoming the leader? No, you were behind him I bet. Now look at him, just another conservative Republican criminal. You were defending him not long ago, just like "I need a pill Rush" Limbaugh and Slannity and O'Liely.

Now you are backing the next one.

What a rube.

Bailey, I'm applying for a job at the Heritage Foundation. Can I use you as a reference?

All you need to get in a conservative "Think Tank" is the ability to lie convincingly and somehow tie conservative Republican crimes back to Clinton.

Ahahaha, the Blame Clinton First crowd!

I think he should just forget about the House of Representatives and aim for the White House instead.
Seeing as how they won't let us clone Ronaldus Magnus.

Only someone completely unfamiliar with the wild excesses of the Democratic controlled Congresses from 1964 - 1994, exacerbated nearly every time a Democrat occupied the WH (LBJ 1964 - 1969 & Carter 1977 - 1981), Clinton was the only exception, could compare the recent scandals to the tidal wave of slime that was American politics from 1964 - 1994.

There's no doubt that Congressional Republicans have strayed away from the course the great Gingrich set back in 1994 and they need to get back to the Republican agenda of shrinking government and getting out of the way of business and industry.

I like John Shadegg as well.

He'd go well with the oncoming "2nd Coming" of the Gingrich Revolution" when Newt runs for the WH in 2008.

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