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Our stupidest senator

Washington's Patty Murray, who once lauded Osama bin Laden's commitment to day care (sort of goes hand-in-hand with OBL's unbridled enthusiasm for career moms, I guess) has outdone herself once again. She has declined to return campaign contributions from Abramoff-represented Indian tribes, on the grounds that (I can't even type it with a straight face) doing so would "taint" the tribes.

Poor Patty. It can't be easy to rank dead last in intelligence in a body not particularly known for its sagacity to begin with. Her best hope may well be that Sheila Jackson Lee might eventually join her in the "upper chamber," thus allowing Ms. Murray to rise to 99th place.

(Hat tip: Glenn)


She did not get donations from Abramoff. She got donations from tribes. That has nothing to do with the scandal. It is very different.
Ah, and please dont forget: This is a republican scandal. ONLY republican.

Blue, please try to follow. Abramoff is a lobbyist, and the scandal is about his lobbying activities on behalf of various Indian tribes, among other clients. It has nothing to do with his $1,000 and $2,000 hard money contributions to Republican candidates as an individual, no matter how much the Democrats would like it to be so. No one cares about those contributions besides Howard Dean and others, since it allows them to bray about the irrelevant fact that only Republicans have received money from Jack Abramoff personally.

Yes, but Barry the specific allegations regarding exchanges of favors for bribes go to certain republicans only. At least so far. The fact that Abramoff was a hard core republican himself also makes it difficult to believe that he had influence on democratic senators. Time will tell whether this is a "republican" scandal only or not. My prediction is that it is.

All I know for sure is ...



Wow, Bush lied yet AGAIN. Said he didn't know Abramoff, but they have no less than 5 separate photos of him, and reportedly he knew the names of Abramoff's children.

Bush is a liar, and a criminal.

Now I say farewell to this blog. It was fun pointing out the absurdity of your childish beliefs, your hypocrisy, and the fact that you really do get all of your information from Limbaugh, Hannity, and O'Reilly.

In the end, all you can come up with is "Clinton did it first!" Tsk, tsk, tsk.

You all don't seem to lack intelligence, I must admit, so your minds will remain stubbornly closed to daddy Dubya's real agenda. You will support him, but eventually reality will teach you that you are NOT on his team, as you think you are. He isn't looking out for you.

I'll just hope that even his level of corruption won't break the back of America. We've survived a lot of bad stuff before.

Oh, and Barry -- you should write about the locals going after Souter's property under the very "Government confiscation of property for more tax revenue is OK!" ruling.


It's better than just being an apoligist for Bush and his fellow criminals.

It's been fun, except for reading JMK's novel length ramblings paraphrasing what Rush said on each and every topic.

Hi ho.

Oh, you'll be back to berate us more is my guess.

Jimmy Carter never "KNEW" John Wayne Gacey either. At least that's what he claims, but there are a number of now famous pictures of J W Gacey smiling with the Carter's...one with him between Jimmy & Roslynn, with an arm around both of them and smiling broadly.

Twenty years ago, Liberal Dems attacked anyone who claimed that John Wayne Gacey was a Liberal Democrat (I've always said "a typical Liberal Democrat") and slimed those who did as "sick" and "disgusting" people.

Well, if a few publicity photos, the kind that anyone can get with any President serve as a link between G W Bush & Jack Abramoff, then the ones I referred to show just as clear a link between John Wayne Gacey and Jimmy Carter.

We must be fair about this.

As I said many times NO LAWS WERE BROKEN DURING PROJECT Eschelon.

Operation Eschelon was widely written about at the time. It withstood court challenges, because it was entirely LEGAL. The American people clearly KNEW that the NSA, under then President Clinton's direction, conducted warrantless searches of Aldrich Ames' residence and engaged in the warrantless monitoring of calls to him from overseas. No one cared, because EVERY DECENT AMERICAN supports a program that uncovers traitors like Ames and brings them to justice.

Again, you might ask, why are warrantless wiretaps allowed in the "gathering of foreign intelligence?"

Because no less than FOUR separate federal courts have ruled that they are allowed, that's why.

The problem isn't with others Bailey, it's with YOU. You don't even understand the basics of the NSA wiretpaps issue.

Until 9/11/01 Incoming phone calls FROM targeted or suspected foreign portals TO American citizens, in the U.S. could be monitored WITHOUT a warrant.

No one questions that at all.

After 9/11/01 the Bush administration directed the NSA to also monitor OUTGOING calls FROM Americans TO targeted/suspected portals outside the U.S.

THAT IS the ONLY issue at stake in all this.

No one claims that the NSA monitored communications between American citizens within the borders of the U.S. and no one argues that the federal courts have approved warrantless searches and wiretaps for the purpose of "gathering foreign intelligence."

The only thing that opponents are now arguing is that the courts only ruled on INCOMING CALLS from suspected portals, and NOT on OUTGOING CALLS from Americans.

First, that is despicable hairsplitting, as both are flip sides of the same coin. If the monitoring of INCOMING CALLS from suspect portals are allowed to be monitored sans a warrant, then the other side of that same act, Americans calling suspect foreign portals, should be free of warrant restrictions as well, so long as the courts use the same logic they've used to date.

See that?

You don't even understand the basics of that issue!

Same with your inability to understand that the H1-B visas DID NOT result in the "outsourcing of American jobs." An expanded GATT & NAFTA did that.

The H1-B visas imported foreign labor to do jobs in areas that America faced a severe structural unemployment gap.

Just as GATT was expanded by a Democrat controlled Congress and NAFTA passed by a Democrat controlled Congress, the number of H1-B visas exploded from just under 200,000 in 1993 to over 900,000 in 2000. Your own link showed that to be true.

Same with your supporting an illegal strike by Municipal Workers.

Same with your calling for America to "assist the Serbs in their ethnic cleansing of the Albanian Muslims.

You don't dislike this place because you disagreed with people here, you disliked this place because here is where you got spanked!

If I could, I'd send you some salve to put on that red ass.

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