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Please, tell me when it's over

As a news junkie, I normally glance at the headlines on the Drudge Report about 50 times a day or so. I'm intentionally avoiding it now, however, because I can no longer take seeing George Galloway in a red leotard.

Please, someone tell me when the picture comes down and it's safe to go back. Also, please tip me off if there are any important headlines I might miss in the meantime.


Okay, it's safe, you can go back now.

Wow, yuk. It's disgusting. It is still up there. I will try to check again later. :)

Nelson, you bastard!

Damn. I had the same problem a few years back when Drudge had that close-up photo of Michael Jackson's crumbling nose and left it up there for like days.

That's what happens if you read Drudge that much.

while we're on the subject....Matt Drudge is a weird dude ain't he? Last night on his radio show he said he bought a new Mustang because he wanted to "buy American"...he also plays some pretty "deep" dance music in his bumpers (if you know what i mean)...that silly hat....

...nevermind about galloway.

You did not just call the new Mustang gay.

The picture is down, it's safe to return. :-)

well, maybe the convertible....

No, the gay thing doesn't make him weird...it's the fact that he thinks buying a Mustang is the "patriotic" thing to do.

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