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So much for Times Select

I guess charging the gullible to read its Op-Ed page online was insufficient to lift the New York Times from its financial doldrums, as fourth-quarter earnings came in 41% lower than the previous year.

I guess I could be polite and feign surprise, but really, any business plan that relies on people paying to read Maureen Dowd should be sent straight back to the drawing board.


As Gabriel Heater used to say to start his news broadcast:

"Ah, there's good news tonight!"

TimesSelect made me so furious that I wrote to Mr. Okrent about it, but he was just then handing over the keys to Mr. Calame.
An old sentimentalist about newspapers and hot type, I see every buy-up or fade-out as an obit, but I predicted that the result of the insultingly named TimesSelect would be lower readership of the star columns. Maybe now TimesSelect with that annoying lack of a word space . . . which just makes it ever so much more select . . . will disappear back into the primordial ooze.

Em, I am honored beyond words. :-)


How are you?

Glad to see you haven't lost your passion!

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