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The Democrats' NSA straddle

Rich Lowry explains why the NSA eavesdropping controversy isn't likely to be a winning issue for the Democrats. As with most Democratic failures of late, John Kerry deserves no small part of the credit/blame.

Asked on ABC's This Week to respond to a Karl Rove speech saying that Democrats disagree with President Bush that al Qaeda members should be monitored when they call somebody in America, Sen. John Kerry declared, "We don't disagree with him at all." But he went on to blast the NSA program as illegal. Why not, therefore, cut off funding for it? "That's premature," Kerry insisted.

Democrats are the first party ever to talk of impeaching a president for creating a program they themselves seem to support. It's as if they had denounced Watergate, but stipulated that there was nothing wrong in principle with breaking into the office of Daniel Ellsberg's psychologist.

Heh. Good one.


Look, there seems to be a certain amount of hypocrisy from my (the right) on this issue.

Specifically, the GOP are trying to frame the argument that the Dems oppose the NSA wiretaps.

They don't.

What they are complaining about is that the administration chose to ignore a 1979 law requiring judicial approval for same.

Likewise, the Dems have been disingenuous in their complaints, conveniently leaving out the nasty little detail about suspected al-Qaeda contacts overseas while implying that calling your Mom could be tapped.

Neither side is dealing with full disclosure here.

Why am I not surprised?