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This is an outrage!

Forget that NSA crap, people. Genuine civil liberties are at stake in Alabama!

Keg parties at fraternities and many other places would be outlawed under a bill passed 30-0 Tuesday by the state Senate.

If the bill becomes law, people could drink draft beer only at a bar, restaurant, private club or other retail establishment licensed for beer sales by the state Alcoholic Beverage Control Board, said Sen. Bobby Singleton, D-Greensboro, the bill's sponsor. People could not buy a keg and take it elsewhere to drink.


Not only is this wrong, but having a drinking age that is different from the age at which one can be tried as an adult, serve in (or be drafted into) the military, is just clearly unconstitutional and wrong.

I'm sick of the "but it will save lives!" crap. You know what else would save lives? It would save lives if we forced everyone to take an AIDS test and killed off everyone who tested positive. It's a fact -- that would save lives.

Shame on the fascists.

I clearly need a drink myself. I'm agreeing with Bailey. Something is damn wrong when you can be old enough to fight and die for your country in a war but not old enough to drink beer from a keg.

man i agree too, but keep their stupid asses off the road.

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