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This is cool

We will become the forbidden fruit, and hence infinitely more desirable.


LOL. I may consider becoming republican then.

It's fun to tell a girl you voted for Bush postcoitus.

Or there's always the sport of "rodeo sex," in which you tell her during and then try to stay on for 8 seconds.

They can say no, but once Republicans ban abortion and throw out those silly Date Rape laws like they want to, they will be able to reproduce by their normal method regardless.

As usual intellectually challenged Bailey types a wise comment.

A Dem, your kind of hateful and hurtful speech is exactly why we need people like you to stamp it out by legislating Political Correctness.

More succintly: STFU.

Bailey, your words of wisdom have convinced me, you donít know the meaning of the term intellectually challenged. Usually opening a dictionary may help but not for you since you are intellectually challenged.
BTW itís not you fault so donít blame yourself.

Sniff, but I'm not intellectually "challenged" you hater, I'm intellectually "differently-abled" you hateful, hurtful, racist, bigoted, homophobic crumb.

I hereby EJECT you from the Democratic Party. Please change your name to A Hater.

hey, what are the new date-rape laws?

I think that women now have 48 hours to decide whether or not sex was consentual.

"I hereby EJECT you from the Democratic Party. Please change your name to A Hater." (BH)

And you said you weren't a Liberal Democrat.

Thanks for acknowledging what has always been obvious - YOU'RE A DEMOCRAT.

You may think you're not a "Liberal" Democrat, but that's only because you seem to mistake bigotry, misogyny and racism for "Conservativism."

While there have been some Conservative bigots through the years, they hold no advantage at all in that sphere. The Democratic Party is steeped in bigotry and has more than its share of notable bigots.

You're not a "Conservative Democrat," merely a bigoted, hateful and politically incorrect one. As Barry has called them, "Archie Bunker Democrats."

I think you misunderstood what Barry meant by "Archie Bunker" democrats. He wasn't saying they are hateful and politically incorrect, he was saying that they, like Archie Bunker was, are in many ways honestly trying to hold onto honorably ideals as they slip away, the good with the bad, in changing times like these.

He had a good point.

You are a retard.

I am a registered Republican, dunce.

Party registration doesn't define one's beliefs, in fact, most people's beliefs are reflected in their Partty affiliation.

Conservatives tend to allign themselves with Republicans, while Liberals tend to side/register with the Democrats, the Zell Millers and Lincoln Chafees notwithstanding.

You are NOT a Conservative. Not by any stretch of even your own fetid imagination. You are a pathetic whiner who blames government for your misfortunes, supports illegal strikes by Municipal workers who have little to strike over and one who seeks government redress for your own miscues, while touting a "fend-for-yourself" (amounting to a "Hooray for me, f*&k everybody else") viewpoint for everyone else.

In an earlier post, your own visual aid showed that HB-1 visas increased from just under 200,000 to over almost 1 million from 1993 to 2000 (the Clinton years) and yet even when faced with that obvious contradiction of your own anti-Conserivative view, you just fail to get it.

Again, you tend to mistake misogyny, bigotry and racial animus for Conservativism...and you are wrong on that.

Well, Rush Limbaugh has taught you well -- label your opponent and repeat often. So I'm a Liberal Democrat, eh? Heh.

In fact, I don't do any of the things you suggested, as a Neocon apologist for the most corrupt administration in history.

EXACTLY as I said, the H1-B visa rolls swelled to ONE MILLION under BUSH, not Clinton. Once again, you are lying. The jobs, the entire INDUSTRY leaving this country, a MATH & SCIENCE high tech industry at that, happened 100% under Bush, not Clinton.

The economy is collapsing. Every sector for jobs is down except the Service Industry -- we can all be greeters at Wal-Mart! Would you like fries with that!

You can lie all you like, but it doesn't change reality. Bush is a traitor. He doesn't give a shit about this country.

Wrong again Barely. The number of HB-1 visas in 1992, pre-Clinton was just under 200,000, but by 2000, when WJC left office there were well over 900,000.

In fact, the cap on HB-1 visas was decreased in 2003.

In short, you either don't understand the issue or you're a liar.

Now you're technically right that, "the H1-B visa rolls swelled to ONE MILLION under BUSH, not Clinton," in that over the last few years they have indeed "swelled" from the over 900,000 inherited in 2000, to somewhat over 1 million (nearly 1.4 million) under G W Bush, but the increase under Bush, to date, is far less than the huge (almost 800,000 increase) that occurred between 1993 and 2000.

"The economy is collapsing. Every sector for jobs is down except the Service Industry,"....Yeah, I guess, that is if you call low tax rates, low inflation, low interest rates, unemployment around 5% and the highest homeonership levels ever, a "collapsing economy," than we certainly have one, but generally, that's just not the case.

Instead of complaining about Republican Conservatives, you SHOULD be applauding them. They're apparently the only hope that those opposed to these special visas may have!

"The United States may do away with H1-B visas delivering a knockout punch to Indian IT professionals wanting to take up jobs in the US.

A bill moved by right-wing Republican lawmaker Tom Tancredo in the US Congress to eliminate H1-B visas has every chance of being enacted, said sources.

Tancredo, a right-wing Republican lawmaker from Colorado, is known for his vehemently anti-immigration views..."

July 16, 2003


Last I looked, Tom Tancredo was/IS one of those "hated Right-wing Republicans" that Liberal Democrats (like you?) despise.

What up dawg?!

Come on playa. Show some love for Tancredo!

JMK, I guess you just have to lie and play dumb on this one, since I supplied all the links and facts last time. You are just lying, it's that simple.

Even more ridiculous is to pretend that Conservative are stepping in to save the software industry -- it is gone. America Inc. doesn't need more Indians over here dummy, because the work is over there now! Pushing a bill to fix the henhouse door after all the chickens are all dead is just the kind of cynical manipulation one would expect from the Republicans.

I guess Bush doesn't like Tancredo much, since he wants to give all the illegal immigrants a pass. "Matching willing workers with willing employers, the laws of this country be damned! We are talking profit here!"

Low tax rates? Maybe if you are very wealthy. My tax rate is the same, only I pay the Bush Tax at the pump, and my children and grandchildren will pay the Bush Tax of the huge deficit for generations to come. Like most Americans, I have less money to spend, which is why retail sales are slipping away and the auto industry is failing.

Hey, do you think Tancredo can pass another bill to support of American manufactuting while he's at it? Maybe he could ban the use of Coolies on the railroad too!

Wrong, if you could point to any data that would dispute the FACT that H1-B visas exploded from under just under 200,000 in 1993 to over 900,000 by 2000, you'd no doubt link to it.

You CAN'T, because none exists.

Moreover, the H1-B visas program works, at least in some respects!

America has long suffered from "structural unemployment." There exist many job shortages, from CPA's to math teachers and when there aren't enough Americans to fill our employment needs, the H1-B visa allows the government to permit foreign nationals to work in the U.S. in those fields for up to six years.

The H1-B visa had NOTHING to do with any outsourcing of American jobs, by the way. The H1-B visa, IMPORTS foreign labor TO America. It's the expnaded GATT and NAFTA that have allowed for the EXPORTATION of some U.S. labor.

The FACTS are that GATT was expanded in 1991, under the auspices of Tip O'Neill's Democrat controlled Congress and NAFTA was passed in January of 1994, with both a Democrat controlled Congress and with a Democrat in the WH.

Thus it's no surprise that the period from 1993 to 2000 saw the greatest explosion in H1-B visas (from just under 200,000 in 1993 to over 900,000 in 2000).

Republican Phil Gramm has long argued that we need even more H1-B visas not less.

One can disagree with Gramm and the Democrats who foisted an expanded GATT & NAFTA upon us, but at this point "globalism"/Free trade rules the day.

There are few people in this country who even care about globalism right now and fewer still in Congress who oppose it.

The only two I can think of off hand are Tom Tancredo and Ron Paul. There are NO/ZERO Democrats who oppose the greater use of H1-B visas, nor support even cutting back on our Free Trade policies.

Them's the facts! And that's just the way it is, Bailey.

Lie. Rinse. Repeat.

You aren't worth debating.

You've NEVER "debated" your position Bailey, nor backed it up with any facts.

You offer up inane views like, "America should've assisted the Serbs with their ethnic cleansing of the Albanian Muslims."

You support an illegal transit strike on the grounds that the workers were "underpaid, yet they later negotiated a pact with the same 11% wage increase over three years and missed the REAL issue of medical & pension costs.

And you never made a single actual argument either in favor of including Saudi Arabia in the Mid-East's "Axis of Evil," nor against the U.S. invasion of Iraq.

You have to engage in "debate" first, before you can lament its absence. I've tried to show you the flaws in many of your arguments, with facts and links, but you've responded only with non sequitors.

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