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You can tell I'm bored...

...cuz I'm reading my server logs again. Still, sometimes it's amazing the stuff you find. For example, did you know that if you do an MSN search on the term "jerkoff lady", this blog comes up in third place?

I'm not really sure what this person was searching for when he found this site, but I can't help but think he left disappointed (like everyone else.)

Sorry, fella.


I searched for jerkoff lady and ended up becoming a member of some really hot porno website...it only costs $19----oops, gotta go, got a webcam appointment with one of the "ladies"

You now know the reason I started the whole "Naked Frog Blog Wednesdays" thing in '04. I kept posting pictures of frogs on Wednesdays and accompanying them with words like "frog porn" just to see if I would get anyone to my site who searched for "frog porn".

Unsurprisingly, I did.

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