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I have no balls!

And that's why I like John McCain... at least according to Nora Ephron, who is depressed because Chris Matthews likes McCain too (emphasis mine.)

My point is that Matthews is a perfect example -- although obviously exaggerated -- of what happens to men in the presence of Senator McCain. They lose their minds. They suck up. They turn absolutely giddy. They ask questions they don't care about the answers to. It's Valentine's Day.

Is it the torture that causes them to go all weak-kneed? That's obviously part of it. Is it that he resonates with the balls most men know they don't have? Maybe. Is it that he seems to have so much testosterone that it's catching? I don't know. But when I see John McCain on television being interviewed by Chris Matthew, I know in my heart that there is not a man in America who would not vote for the guy.

Which is profoundly depressing.

That's an interesting thing about the female of the species Moonbatus Americanus. They believe that everything, and I mean everything that Republican men do, say, or think is directly determined by their dicks and/or balls. Everything.

I do wonder how Ms. Ephron would explain McCain's popularity among women. Women's opinions, of course, are not governed by genitalia or the lack thereof. They've transcended such oppressive, patriarchal nonsense long ago. Ephron doesn't really address that issue, but she presumably believes that pro-McCain women are intelligent, thoughtful, and... misguided. With us guys, however, it's all about our balls.

Anyway, Ms. Ephron finds all of this fondness for McCain just terribly, terribly depressing, because... well, because he is a Republican, I suppose, and Republicans are not to be liked or admired in polite society. At least not by women, or by men who have balls and hence don't feel a need to compensate for their emasculated state by joining Straight Talk America. She elaborates:

I mean, I don't expect all men to believe (as I do) that you can't under any circumstances support a presidential candidate who is against choice. I don't expect all men to believe (as I do) that for McCain to have given that revolting speech for George Bush at the last convention was unforgivable. I don't expect all men to understand (as I do) that in the end, Republicans are Republicans.

Right! Lincoln Chafee is Rick Santorum.

Of course she doesn't expect us to believe those things. We have no balls! But does she expect all women to believe these? Once again, she doesn't say.

But what is to be done?

Uh, well, for starters? Your party could nominate a presidential candidate who didn't come across as a complete pussy on national defense, and then you could at least hope to split the "ballless American male" vote.

That's unlikely to happen, though. I think what scares this woman most is that she knows that if McCain is nominated he will win, and win big. He will win with such a crushing supermajority that all this red-state/blue-state garbage will get thrown out like yesterday's garbage. No longer will the "loyal opposition" comprise 50% of the population, including nearly all of the nation's cultural and intellectual elite. Rather, it will be a decidedly puny minority, consisting almost entirely of embittered, misandrous moonbats like herself.

Wouldn't that be sweet? To this day, John McCain remains the only politician I've ever donated money to. I think I'll go send him some more.


You disappoint me. A Mccain supporter?
one word- Rino
two words- Keating Five
three words- campaign finance reform
The prosecution rests

Paul, you must have balls.

hey neat my balls ARE resonating! son of a gun....

what about torture?

Well, Barry, having spoken with you on numerous, and enjoyable, occasions, I must inform the board that you do have a rather high-pitched voice, flavored with a delightful Southern accent.

Could Nora be on to something?

[I]I[/I], on the other hand, am a baritone and not a big McCain fan!

Seriously, I totally concur that Ephron is concerned about McCain screwing things up for the Dems. Bt the way, she has reason to be. Fox had a straw poll which showed that both Guiliani and McCain trounce both Clinton and Kerry.

Yeah, it's 2006 and a lot can happen. But when one sees demographics which show that nearly 50% of people polled say they would never vote for either Clinton or Kerry, the Dems should be worried.

I really think that Mark Warner is going to start looking better and better to them as time goes on.

Add this little fact:


All senators, all lost.

John F. Kennedy was the last senator to be elected president.

Yes, let's remember it's 33 months till the election. Who woulda thought in Feb 1978 that Reagan would be elected in a landlside 2 years hence? Or that he'd be re-elected in a huge landslide in early 1982. Or that Bush Sr would lose a re-elect bid in early 1990. And who the hell was G.W. Bush in early 1998?

A year is a long time in poltiics. Two-and-a-half years? An eternity. Go McCain!

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