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Moonbats and Cheney

For the record, I agree with John Podhoretz's criticism of the way this whole hunting accident was handled. Still, there's something about the response of some liberals that strikes me as a bit out of proportion.

I mean, let's say you truly believe that a guy instigated an unnecessary war based on lies, resulting the deaths of more than two thousand American soldiers and thousands of innocent Iraqis just so his buddies at Halliburton could line their pockets. So what's the big deal if he accidentally shoots a hunting companion? Wouldn't that be a bit like freaking out because Hitler's motorcade accidentally grazed a bystander? How about a little perspective here?

I guess it's further indication that even most moonbats don't believe half of the crap they spew about this administration.


If they possessed the ability to apply perspective, they wouldn't be moonbats.

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