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"Quick Draw" Dick

Holy crap! Don't ever f*ck with the veep, ever!

Just when you thought Dick Cheney couldn't get any scarier, he goes and busts a cap on his hunting buddy. Just unloads on the guy! Holy crap.

Maybe he thought it was one of those "duel" kinda situations. You know, like Aaron Burr did right here in Weehawken? (Question for the history buffs: when is the last time a sitting vice president actually plugged someone?) Anyway, damn. Maybe this will give Deadeye Dick a little more cachet in the future when he goes to Capitol Hill to drum up support for the president's agenda among recalcitrant Republicans. Maybe it's time to try private accounts for Social Security again?


Thats why guns should be off the streets, far from the hands of dangerous mean people...

They weren't on the "streets" doofus, they were hunting. Are you such a gun control fanatic that you would ban hunting?

Proof that guns should only be the hands of responsible adults.

Nice Cheney hunting post! I got here on a Blog search, I have just posted on this story with the Aaron Burr connection too. Check it out at: www.debaterelatepontificate.blogspot.com

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