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That'll show 'em

I'll bet those Danes really regret drawing those freakin' cartoons now!


Well I am deeply offended by McDonald's erecting a cartoon representation of Ronald McDonald!


you watch, bin Laden's probably hiding inside that statue.

Figures. A Dane writes the cartoon but an American corporation and the State of Israel gets the blame.

Has anybody noticed in the videos of these rioters how many of them are smiling?

Is that a Muslim thingy?

I'd be smiling too if I apparently didn't have to work and could get my frustrations out by destroying things.
As much as I can't stand Savage Nation, he did have a point of sorts last night: these scum are reacting like this thanks to a stupid cartoon...imagine when they're really pissed off.

the cool thing about rioting is that it isn't necessarily an angry excercise. It can be a huge rush, watchin shit burnin, gettin all wild. Woohoo no rules!!!

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