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Idol blogging

Oh what the hell, why not? I have no pride.

I thought It was a great night last night. I really like Taylor Hicks, and his "Not Fade Away" made up for Bucky Whatsisname's wretched "Oh Boy" earlier in the show (I'm a big Buddy Holly fan.) I loved Simon's earlier characterization of Taylor as a "drunk dad at a wedding." I know what he means, but I still love the guy.

I was nervous about the dude that chose a Johnny Cash song, because that's just asking for trouble. In the end, however, he pulled it off the only way he could -- by reimagining the song and making it his own. I thought it was a great job, and I'm also a huge Johnny Cash fan.

Bucky is probably a goner, although I didn't even bother to watch Ace.

Mandisa and Paris were also great, and my homegirl Kelly did a very credible Patsy Cline cover. I get the idea that Lisa is better than she's been showing us, but... oh well.

And I hadn't even heard about the pregnancy rumors surrounding Katherine until I heard them from Soobee this morning, but I have to admit I'd been wondering the same thing myself. I think it's those shapeless evening dresses they always make her wear. Why do they do that?

So anyway, that's all I've got to say about that. Anyone placing any bets?


Chris -- even money
Mandisa -- 1.5 to 1
Kathrine -- 2 to 1
Kellie -- 2.5 to 1
Taylor -- 3 to 1
Elliot -- 5 to 1 (even though I really like him)

Bucky goes tonight
Lisa goes next week
Kevin the week after
Then Ace
Then Paris (I'm still waiting for the revelation that she is actually a 55 year old midget posing as a 17 year old girl).

Simon was wrong, wrong, wrong about Taylor's rendition of one of "Not Fade Away." I imagine the entire population of Lubbock Texas were on their feet last night.

I love Elliot's voice and love the fact that he decided to follow Al Jarreau rather than any of the earlier versions.

Kathrine says she's not pregnant so that's good enough for me.

Man I'm hot for the minx ("I thought you was callin' me a coat"). My congratulations to the whole state of North Carolina on that one.


For some reason I thought Kellie was from Oklahoma. I have no idea why. That's really what a North Carolinan accent sounds like?

*Stares in shock and horror*

K, not only is Kelly from NC, but so are Chris and Bucky, and so were Fantasia and Clay.

...hmm, maybe I should audition next year?

"For some reason I thought Kellie was from Oklahoma. I have no idea why."

Carrie Underwood is from Oklahoma.

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