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Jesus and Hillary

Hillary is all about a bill that would criminalize illegal aliens.

Yes I know. You thought illegal aliens were already illegal, didn't you? You assumed a bill criminalizing illegal aliens would be sort of a no-brainer, didn't you? Ah, the simplisme of you narrow-minded, non-nuanced wingnuts.

Because you're so damn dense, Hillary Clinton takes a stab at explaining to you why it's wrong:

"It is certainly not in keeping with my understanding of the Scriptures," Clinton said, "because this bill would literally criminalize the Good Samaritan and probably even Jesus himself."

Let's set aside, for the moment, the appropriateness of using Christian scripture to oppose a bill. I just can't figure out how this comment even makes any sense. What is the point? Did I miss something in the gospels about Jesus and the Good Samaritan traveling to America an expired visas?

It just proves that this kind of nonsense is just as ridiculous when Democrats do it as when Republicans do.


You're right, in that you can't "criminalize" an already criminal act, but since the feds have apparently "decriminalized" illegal immigration over the past forty years, I suppose Hillary Clinton and her ilk feel that any return to "the rule of law" (at least in this case) would be "heartless" and "inhumane."

Also, though I'm not a theologian (I just play one at various revival festivals) I contend that Hillary has her Christianity ass-backwards.

Jesus was NOT a bleeding-heart do-gooder. The actual accounts of his attacking the Pharisees over their "money-changing" (loan-sharking) in the Temples is replete with graphic violence on Jesus' part and many broken bones suffered by the Pharisees - they apparently put up some squawk!

Anyway, Jesus' was actually an anti-government activist, following in the footsteps of another devoted anti-Roman known as "John the Baptist." His famous statement, "Give unto Ceaser what is Ceaser's..." was not, contrary to flawed teachings, an admonition to "Pay your taxes," it was a call to the Jews of that day, living in the lands occupied by Rome, to barter among themselves and eschew using Roman money - to, in effect, return the useless "coin of the realm" to Rome (to Ceaser)." THAT, was why Jesus was crucified - his working directly to undermine Roman authority in thos occupied lands.

In my estimation, if Jesus were around today, he'd most likely be a Militia member, espousing the underground economy and exhorting his followers to avoid paying taxes to "feed the beast" (the "beast" of government)...if anything, he'd be at the border with the Minutemen.

All the basic precepts of America's Founders, the view that it isn't government's duty to help people out in the wake of natural disasters and such (even Alexander Hamilton, a noted federalist of the time, acknowledged that government "had no duty, nor the right to take from some to assist certain others"), the whole private property rights, limited governance and free markets stuff is all straight out of the Bible.

You just have to be able to read it right.

Obviously Hillary and her Liberation Theology fellow travellers don't read the Bible correctly.

I have a feeling Jesus would've whupped her butt like she were a red-headed Pharisee.

Oh, I think I've heard about this on NPR. Starting with the beginning of Lent they've been doing little snippets about it. I guess the Catholic Church has come out in opposition of the law since, as I understand it, as written, the House version would penalize anyone who so much as gave bread to an illegal alien.

I don't actually think anything is going to come of it, so I haven't really been paying much attention. Really, I think it would make far more sense to work out some sort of guest worker program that collected taxes and offered a route to citizenship for those eligible. But that's just me.

K, the House law would and WILL (it's probably going to pass) punish anyone who HARBORS illegal aliens long term...the way many Catholic Church's put up indigent people in Church basements and such. It wouldn't punish Churches for giving out alms.

The Catholic Church is wrong to fight this and they look foolish doing so.

Personally, I think the RC Chruch bats around .333, which is great in baseball, but not so good on the issues.

They've got abortion about half right - a FULLY FORMED fetus/baby (4 months or older/second trimester on) IS a fully formed human-being able to survive outside the womb, and can said to "own its own life."

Their stance about "life beginning at conception," is, in my view, wrong.

On gay adoption (no go), I think they have it right. The RC Chuch got out of setting up adoptions in Boston rather than abide by laws that required that gay couples be treated "equal to"/"same as" hetero couples when it came to adoption.

That was 100% the right thing to do, in my book.

On illegal immigration - they're dead wrong.

On birth control they're dead wrong and on Capital Punishment - they're dead wrong.

By my tally, giving them half on the abortion issue, starting both sides out as 1 - 1, the final score reads RC Church right on 2, wrong on 4. That's 1 for 3, or .333!

The one thing I'll say in their defense is that they're consistent on the issue of LIFE - they oppose abortion as "taking a human life" and oppose Capital Punishment as the same.

Me, I'm consistent as well, the other way - I support unfettered abortion, at least through the first trimester (until the human is full formed and viable) and I support Capital Punishment as the killing of those guilty of heinous crimes.

As for "guest worker programs," they simply DON'T work.

They amount to "amnesty programs" that only encourage MORE illegal migration.

Country-club/"Rockefeller Republicans" just LOVE illegal immigration, as it provides tons of cheap labor and puts a persistent and powerful downward presure on ALL prevailing wage rates.

Gloabl Labor competition is why Ford & GM are looking to scuttle the old, outdated Union contracts that make them globally uncompetitive with other car-makers. The problem is, getting workers here to accpet those new realities.

French workers pitched a hizzy fit last week when confronted with some of the more benign effects of globalism on First World workers (no more 35 hour work weeks and 6 to 8 weeks vacation each year and rules changes that make it easier to jettison unproductive workers)....it's only going to get tougher from here, at least for awhile and in America's case, rampant illegal immigration is a boom for the truly wealthy and a bust for workers, as their wage rates are diminished.

Well isn't this a turn, A democrat quoting scriptures? what is this world comming to? I do hope however that she reads more of that book.

>In my estimation, if Jesus were around today, he'd most likely be a Militia member, espousing the underground economy and exhorting his followers to avoid paying taxes to "feed the beast" (the "beast" of government)...if anything, he'd be at the border with the Minutemen.

Your insight leaves me breathless.

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