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More kind of good news

It looks like the Senate might be on the verge of resolving the whole "domestic spying" controversy in a fairly reasonable way -- by providing the level of Congressional oversight the program's opponents claimed to want.

I was always confident that this issue would ultimately be clarified and settled by either Congress or the federal courts, and I'm happy that it seems to be the former instead of the latter.

I've never thought the claim that the NSA spying was unconstitutional was convincing, honestly. It may well have been illegal by statute, but the legal waters are murky and ambiguous enough to render even that point unclear.

Tacit Congressional approval, however, would seem to mute the statutory issue, while at the same time addressing the program's biggest weakness -- lack of oversight from outside the executive branch.

Democrats are still going to bitch, of course, but they know the poll number on this issue and they're going to realize that most voters will see this compromise as a reasonable one.