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So uh...

...does anyone this this is a good idea?

A Dutch multicultural group is organizing a soccer tournament between gays and Muslims, hoping to counter what a study published on Thursday said was a rising tide of fear among gays.

A nationwide survey by the Police Research Academy said that most gays questioned feel unsafe and reported experiencing verbal attacks in the last year.

Of the 776 homosexuals who responded to an internet questionnaire, 80 percent said they believed their safety was threatened at some time during the year, said academy director Frits Vlek, who commissioned the research.
Muslim-gay tension is the theme of the soccer tournament organized by the Institute of Multicultural Development, to be held next week.

An organizer of the group, Suzanne Ijsselmuiden, said she hoped the competition will "help ease these tensions so that people can openly talk about homosexuality."


We should pick up the challenge here and organize some gay vs muslim "American" football games.

See how those port-operators like getting taken down by a bunch of interior decoraters!

I don't see it happening here for the following reason: American political correctness will not even allow us to admit that Islamic attitudes towards gays could use some enlightenment. It's okay to say that about fundamentalist Christians, but not Muslims.

If we can't even admit there's a problem, how can we organize a soccer game to solve it? This is one area in which the Europeans are ahead of us, I'm afraid.

What soccer?

I'm talking about full contact, tackle American football!

Make it tennis instead of soccer. The gays will smash the Muslims.

This is the arrogance of stupidity, which is sadly one of the hallmarks of the contemporary Western mindset.

Born of an affluence earned by the tremendous efforts of previous generations, the average Westerner is now, largely a spoiled heir to the wealth of the great Western tradition.

From that sprongs the idiocy that "Tolerance can and should be taught."

Homosexuality is a "debasement" in the eyes of traditional Muslims. In their view, all sexual deviancies are abhorrent and sinful.

There's nothing innately flawed with that belief. It is what it is.

At this point, at least it's inconsistent with Western values as they're now constituted.

So, do the spoiled heirs in the West realize that BOTH traditional AND radicalized Islam is incompatible with Western civilization?

Not at all.

Their inane and insipid response is to soccer matches and socials where gays and Muslims can "get to know and 'respect' each other."

In Denmark prospective Muslims are now required to watch a film with images like two men kissing, so their "reactions to those images" can be considered prior to their being allowed to immigrate to that nation.

All of this is gross stupidity.

Both traditional and radicalized Islam are incompatible with current Western values and mores. Soccer matches and "Church socials" aren't going to change that.

"I don't see it happening here for the following reason: American political correctness will not even allow us to admit that Islamic attitudes towards gays could use some enlightenment." (BNJ)

The inane thing about "political correctness" is that while it fails to recognize the innate intolerance of most Muslims as a problem, most Muslims, themselves, have no problem recognizing THEIR OWN problems with the "decadent" and "indecent" Western culture of Europe and America.

Ironically enough, depite my current general Islamo-hatred, I do recognize some admirable traits in that group.

They eschew drinking and drugs (I neither drink, nor smoke, nor do drugs), they abhor any form of pornography (I've always opposed pornography on the grounds that it's desensitizing, vulgarizing and morally corrosive) and I, like many Muslims, embrace corporeal forms of punishment (I thought caning was a great idea, and I've already said that I admire their way of dealing with pedophiles)...in short, on many levels, I FEEEL the Muslim's pain, over the, degrading morass that is contemporary Western culture.

But I realize it's not going to change any time soon, AND more than that, I can't justify violence to change Western culture into something else.

So even though I sympathize with MANY of the views and values of traditional Muslim's, I realize that it's Islam, especially radicalized Islam, but many aspects of traditional Islam that are simply incompatible with the West, at this time.

Something the Dutch, the Danes, the French and many American liberals seem incapable of recognizing.

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