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The real cost of sugar subsidies

An editorial in today's Wall Street Journal looks at the economic costs of this country's ridiculous system of price supports for the sugar industry. It's a good read, but they failed to mention the most disastrous impact of this program of all.

Despite the name, Coca-Cola Classic is not the same stuff we used to enjoy in the good old days. It's been a syrupy mess ever since cane sugar was replaced by a cheap-ass corn syrup. If sugar didn't cost three times what it should, we could go back to having our colas sweetened with pure cane, just as God intended.


Can I get an AMEN?

My grandmother was just saying yesterday how she remembers when Coca-Cola came to Cuba.

It wasn't sweet enough for them, because they were a sugar economy. So more sugar was added, and everything was ok.

Yes, yes!

Here's something we really agree on.

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