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Back to normalcy

My lame April Fool's joke caused a bit of concern. My attempted Atrios parody was merely a bunch of open threads interspersed with a few posts consisting of a single, profane word. Note to self: Successful parody must actually differ from that which it attempts to parody, lest it not be recognizable as such.

Ah well, enough frivolity! Back to serious discussion of the issues.

So how can this French girl open her mouth so wide? Does she have the ability to dislocate her jaw or something?


I thought the parody was great, although when I first clicked I thought someone had hacked your site and was re-directing it to Eschaton. LOL. But, as I visit there regularly, when I read the posts I relized your conspiracy :) I am still wondering how did you do it. Like how did you copy the eschaton page. Anyway, it was cool.

Uh huh! Go stand in the corner Barry! Well, you had me for sure! lol!

Wait a second -- Are telling us that Cynical Nation is NOT a parody site?

Ok I will refrain from commenting on the open mouth girl, it might offend someone.

Several oral sex/ French jokes come to mind, but that would make me a sexist Francophobe.

I will say however that I once saw a snake swallow an egg.

> Several oral sex/ French jokes come to mind, but that would make me a sexist Francophobe.

Then it's a safe bet her boyfriend isn't French.

Like most "small potatoes" progressive bloggers, especially those of the female persuasion, I'm somewhat ambivalent towards the alpha male dogs in Left Blogistan. I read Atrios, but I do think he's gotten somewhat lazy of late. When I have to budget 45 minutes of the morning to try to get enough blog posts up for the day, that some can just put "open thread" and get traffic is frustrating as hell. And so I thought your parody was hilarious -- and spot on.

It's one thing for the wingnuts to think it's funny. But when we moonbats think it's funny, now THAT'S comedy. ;)

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