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Just do it

Stop threatening, stop promising, and for once, just do it.

President George W. Bush threatened on Tuesday to veto a bill to fund the war in Iraq and U.S. hurricane rebuilding after conservatives from his own party complained it was becoming bloated with special interest projects.

I'm not holding my breath, however.


What do you mean "just do it"? This president has no moral authority to veto anything. He has lost completely his credibility and the respect of the American people. He is a "moving special interest" himself.

He won't veto it unless they take out the Halliburton pork, then he would be suddenly infused with righteous indignation, the fucking punk.

The president has lost all credibility, especially with his veto threats. He makes these threats all the time and never follows through. Trent Lott has already willing to overturn it. There's a reason his approval is at 32%. He's losing both Independents and moderate Republicans.

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