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And speaking of Stephen Colbert...

Speaking of Stephen Colbert and related items, I am outraged that the press is ignoring this web-circulated animation of Bush falling through bubbles. The creator of this brilliant and important political parody is speaking truth to power, and the fact that the New York Times didn't lead with this story today proves that the mainstream media is in this administration's pocket.

Make sure you share this animation with all your friends. Make sure you blog about it and download it furiously, and obsess about it giddily for weeks on end. And then send its creator flowers and "thank you!" messages. He is like Jesus.

And for those of you who don't find the animation particularly amusing, or think that it's an unoriginal knock-off of another, widely circulated animation that's been around for some time? Well, you're just tools of the administration too, and you suck Bush's ass.

Thank you, that is all.


Jeez, for someone who didn't think Colbert was funny and doesn't think he's important, you sure blog about him a lot.

For the last word on Colbert and the Attendant Outrage Thereof on the part of the Wankers Association of America (Richard Cohen, president), I refer you to the inimitable Michael Berubé.

Colbert was not funny! He was insulting! ....And he's an irrelevant, third-rate comedian not worthy of our attention. ...So we're not paying attention him because he was so unfunny and ridiculous that he should be ignored and forgotten, but not until we have a chance to say we didn't like his performance. ...Did we say he wasn't funny anyway?

...and you suck Bush's ass.

No, YOU suck Bush's ass.

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