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This site was among those taken down last week by a DDOS attack based in Saudi Arabia. I'm sure the Saudis don't have anything against me personally, and would love me given half a chance, but I do share a hosting service with some pretty big targets, including Instapundit and Little Green Footballs.

I hadn't mentioned the attack until now, because

A) I couldn't say anything about it while it was happening, and

B) After it was over, it seemed a bit moot, especially since the attack was covered thoroughly by other bloggers.

I bring it up now because Steve over at "Hog on Ice" has an interesting idea:

I've figured out what we need to do, in response to the bizarre Muslim hackathon that was launched today in the vain hope of stifling American freedom of speech. We need to pick a day in the future--I've picked a day, but I can't name it here, or we'll draw a DDOS attack--and we need to get as many blogs as possible to post Mohammed cartoons all at once. It won't be enough to get the Hosting Matters blogs. It has to be bigger than that. It has to be a huge show of solidarity that the RoP can't put the kibosh on.

And we need to call it "Swine/11," in honor of the Prophet's least-favorite animal.

Give me your opinions.

Just passin' it along... (Hat tip: Helo)


with all due respect, fuck the muslim cartoons. Steve is being the pig here. Give up this nonsense fight....some people think they are doing the true battles this way....nonono..you are no better than the Koran in the Toilet Newsweekers.

Though by all means kill the SOBs who attack with DDOS, whatever the crap that is.

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