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The options aren't attractive

Just as I was beginning to root for a Democratic victory in November, along comes this dude to remind me exactly what a Democratic congress would be like.

The relentlessly partisan House Minority Leader, Nancy Pelosi of San Francisco, as Speaker? Sen. Robert Byrd, the ancient king of pork from West Virginia, as head of Senate appropriations? Gasbags like Patrick Leahy and Teddy Kennedy back in charge of judicial nominations?

Or how about John Conyers, the Detroit-congressman-for-life who would automatically become chairman of the House Judiciary Committee? Nancy Pelosi has promised that one of her first acts as House Speaker would be to unleash a series of investigations into the Bush administration. As it happens, Conyers has given us a taste of what life would be like under the Pelosi reign of terror.

Last June Conyers commandeered a basement conference room in the Capitol to stage a mock hearing into impeachment charges over the Iraq war. "[Conyers] banged a large wooden gavel and got the other lawmakers to call him 'Mr. Chairman,'" recounted Washington Post reporter Dana Milbank. "He liked that so much that he started calling himself 'the chairman' and spouted other chairmanly phrases, such as 'unanimous consent' and 'without objection so ordered.'"

To think of it is to weep. With the absolute lack of any even remotely attractive alternative, what is one to do? I suppose I could deny my vote to both parties this year, but that's what I always do in congressional elections anyway, so blah for me.

(Hat tip: Glenn)


If I had to choose which end of the Capitol turns Democratic this November, I'd want the Senate to be Dem-controlled. The House is too large to manage, too many scattered interests, too many off-the-wall members on both ends of the spectrum (that's why one of the Founding Fathers called the Senate the saucer into which the hot passions of the House are poured to cool, or something to that effect).
A Dem Senate would put a halt to some questionable judicial nominations as well as nominations of hacks and Administration supporters to other posts. And a little congressional oversight (call it investigations or hearings or whatever you want) after 6 years of total inaction on the Hill wouldn't pose a threat to the nation's well-being. It'd be a good thing.

Just quit obsessing over it and vote for the best candidates in your local elections.

I'm in Florida and for me it's easy. Bill Nelson(D) for Senate over the useless Katherine Harris, and either of the Republicans for governor(Crist or Gallagher). My rep, Robert Wexler(D) is running unopposed.

I can go vote and sleep easily at night afterwards.

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