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Win one for the... Clipper... or something....

Ronaldus Magnus was "the Gipper" to those of us who loved him (and who didn't, really?) but now we need a cool nickname for John McCain and the handful of other legislators who actually want to do something about Congress's obscene spending practices -- other than increase it, that is.

The Dipper? The Stripper? The Gripper? The Zipper? The Flipper? None of those seem quite right for McCain (although I may have come up with some reasonable monikers for Bill Clinton and John Kerry with those last two, respectively) so I guess I'll have to settle for "The Clipper" for now. (Cuz get it? He likes to "clip" pork-barrel spending from the budget. See?) All right, that's hella lame. Just forget it.

Anyway, Robert Novak has some good news in his latest column about fiscal conservatives standing up to out-of-control congressional spending -- and occasionally even winning. Here's my favorite bit (emphasis mine.)

In the Senate, McCain's crusade against earmarks has a new fighter in Coburn (who McCain says has supplanted him as the Senate's Miss Congeniality). On Wednesday, Coburn offered an amendment to eliminate 19 earmarks from the emergency appropriations bill and came just shy of defeating a $700 million railroad relocation in Mississippi.

On Thursday, Coburn proposed to eliminate $15 million for "seafood promotion strategy." McCain told the Senate: "Let me save the American taxpayers $125 million right now by telling all Americans now to eat seafood. Eat seafood. It is good for you." When Coburn rejected Cochran's call for a voice vote, the normally calm Appropriations chairman in a fury made a non-debatable tabling motion to kill Coburn's proposal. The astounding outcome was a 51-44 bipartisan victory for Coburn and McCain, following years of failure in such initiatives.

Read the whole thing. It's moderately encouraging. The battle is far from won, of course, but at least it looks as if it's finally been joined.


call me crazy, but I'd much rather get my nutritional advice via a multi-million dollar, government-sponsored PR campaign, thank you very much.

Isn't McCain the guy who is so hated by Slannity and Lush? They have both said that McCain isn't a conservative, or even a Republican.

This has nothing to do with conservative, they are the ones busy lying, stealing and running the constitution through the paper shredder with an Abramoff-supplied hooker on their lap.

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