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This sucks.

It seems The Pirate Bay, a popular Torrent site, has been raided by the Swedish police. The police came in, armed with HAPRA pine chairs and POOGLE throw pillows (now in blue, red, and lime green! $5.95 each!), and took down all of TPB’s servers, including some owned by their host, Rix|Port80. Then then all enjoyed the Manager’s Special with delicious meatballs, some potatoes, and Lingonberry sauce. We suspect that the Bay might return sooner than later, in a more powerful form, but that’s just us.


Bastards bastards bastards bastards bastards. Oh, well. If they strike it down, it shall become more powerful than they could possibly imagine...

Then it could be, like... a ghost pirate ship or something. That would be cool.

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