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I finally saw Crash

This is one of those movies that had a lot to say. I think what it said was "Everyone is an asshole."

Up next? Brokeback Mountain. Then I'll finally be able to assess which film really should've won Best Picture.

(Can you tell I'm a bit behind in my movie viewing these days?)


loved "Crash." Creative fil-making.
As for Brokeback, I hate cowboy flicks, so tell me how it was.

Is it just me or did you manage to embed the word "ass" twice in a post about gay cowboys?

I'm not trying to be a dick about this. In fact, I think it was a bold stroke -- if that was your intention -- and it would suck if nobody got a load of it.

I caught the bit about "a little bit behind", too.

You can't slip one past me, B.

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