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The tide has turned

Republican Brian Bilbray (almost) lost in California! This is HUGE for the Democrats! The Dems haven't enjoyed a victory like this since Paul Hackett (almost) won in Ohio.


And what must really scorch Bilbray's manhood is that he was denied second place by a girl!

If this keeps up, no Republican anywhere will have a chance of capturing second place in any congressional race.

Dont tell me that you want the republicans to maintain the absolute power. For the good of the country they must loose the control of the house.

"For the good of the country they must loose the control of the house." (BW)

OK, first things first - FUNNIEST LINE OF THE YEAR, so far!

Good one.

Actually, that should read, "...the Democrats must WIN the House."

With an agenda of higher taxes and oodles more social spending (a/k/a government support) - support that even those who receive it, DON'T vote for...YES, the "working poor" consistently vote for tax cuts...and telling them, they're "voting against their own best interests" (a stupid way of calling them, well, "stooopid") clearly doesn't work.

No, in order to "win" the Dems must come up with a new agenda...and nothing at all close to the Michael Moore/Al Gore agenda that makes most working folks want to wretch.

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