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Adventures in dog-sitting

A friend of mine went on a short vacation, and I'm babysitting his dog -- a 250-pound mastiff named Moses, whom I believe is the biggest dog I've ever seen -- or heard of. I shit you not. Here's a picture of Moses in my back yard, standing next to my full-grown black lab, Zora.


He's is GINORMOUS! But so pretty!


Dat dawg is, like me, HUGE!!!

OK, he's actually quite a bit 'HUGER' than me, but in my defense, I do bite.

Awwww! He's gorgeous..Holy Moses! He IS big! lol!! Ahhh, I love the way he has to rest his huge head on the table! :D Bless him!

Zora looks swamped by him! lol!!

By the by..I Love your patio stone work. Nice job, Barry. Have you NO limits to your talents? And the shrubery is devine...does Mrs. B do the gardening?..

Mastiffs are gentle giants. What a beautiful big boy. Can you imagine if he got together with Hermes the Kitler? They could take over the world.

Totally off topic, but is it you that loves mac-n-cheese? Because there's a new(ish) restaurant in the East Village that serves exclusively that! S'Mac. Well, maybe they have other stuff, but mainly? Mac-n-cheese, lots and lots of different kinds of mac-n-cheese.

Yes, it's me, but mainly my wife. Thanks for the tip; this is definitely something she'd be interested in checkin' out. :-)

Always liked mastiffs. Nice critter.

Now that's a nice dog. It's got my Bouvier Nalle beat by 110 pounds.

I like 'em big.

hes big like my dick

This dog isn't that biggg
I guess

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