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I hate when I do stupid stuff. Fortunately it only happens a few times a day.


Yes, you post here a few times a day, I understand.

You do stupid stuuf, too Barry? I feel normal, now. Thanks! Whatever you did...lol!

I do stupid stuff, too. In fact I AM stupid. ;)

Gosh, Barry! Who IS this Bailey??

Beats me!

I need glasses. :D

"Gosh, Barry! Who IS this Bailey??" (Jane)

I believe it's Barely, Jane, as in Barely Hanging.

Some folk call him a troll, but I don't necessarily think so.

He just fundamentally disagrees with the board's Conservatives and LIbertarians, though he seems to make no distinction between them.

He seems to think Barry is a "Bush apologist" and "lackey," even though Barry is pretty Libertarian and not all that enamored of GW or many of his policies.

I think one of the few areas Barry supports the Bush administration is over the current WoT.

I also have it on good authority that Barely was the Valedictorian of the Class of '95 from the IBSC (Institute for Bat-Shit Crazy), but that doesn't make him a bad person at all.

Ever notice how I follow Bailey around posting novels after his every word. I'm in love with him, and dream of him at night.

My homo love throbs for him, and I give him cute nicknames. I have to admit, no real conservative or libertarian would have anything but utter contempt for Bush. I'm a closet liberal as well as a closet homo.

I guess that makes me sad.


You posted as JMK...now that's funny, though both your writing and your personal style need a lot of work.

Neither is up to "JMK standards," at this point, but keep trying.

And I don't know why your ashamed of your IBSC background. If Deb Frisch found out, she'd be very hurt.

to truly impersonate JMK, you NEED to write in ALL CAPS often!

YES, Fred! That is a BIG part of it.

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