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Comments fixed

Okay, that was really weird. The problem with comments on this site has been resolved, for now. The nature of the problem was bizarre, and appears malicious. I'll keep you posted if I find out what happened.


That's slightly strange...

I am glad you fixed it. I think that you should consider using Haloscan. It's better and less problematic.

IIRC, Haloscan keeps comments for a while, but eventually they expire and disappear into the ether. I kind of think comments are an integral part of the site archive. Yes, even Bailey's.

Gee, wonder what happened.

Oh, you had better ban me again so you can go back to sucking Bush's dick in peace.

Bush is a liar and a traitor, but more than that, he is an intellectually and morally bankrupt moron ... much like yourself.

No wonder you worship him.

Oh, and fuck Israel.

Did you know that in the United States you are still allowed not to like or support Israel?

I mean, you can't stop your tax money from funding their terrorism, but you don't have to grovel before them ... yet.

Always remember who your daddy is, my bitch.

oh yeah Bailey is, if anything, integral.

"Did you know that in the United States you are still allowed not to like or support Israel?" (Barely Hanging)
(Barely Hanging)

You're "allowed" to believe anything you like in America, like "the 9/11 attacks were carried out by the U.S. government," like claiming that Bush raised the H-1B visa limit, while posting a graphic that showed that between 1992 & 2000 that limit was raised from 65,000/year to 200,000/year and over 1 million H-1B visas were issued over that period, while that limit was lowered back down to 65,000/year by the current administration in 2004 (YOU did that), you can profess agreement and support for Communism, Nazism, even Islamo-fascism.

In short, you're "allowed" to be wrong...and you've certainly taken full advantage of that, as I've shown, time after time.

Oh yeah, and by the way, YOU'RE still MY bitch...now go get your SHINEBOX!

JMK, what I did was give a link to a site that proved that once again, I was right and you were wrong. I said that Bush allowed a million Indians into this country to steal American jobs. The site proved that under Bush (not Clinton) the number of H!B visa workers exceeded one million for the first time in history, the IT labor market crashed, and hundreds of thousands of American families suffered for Korporate cheap labor.

You are the fascist, I am the American. Don't be confused by what your Hillbilly Heroine addict daddy, Lush Pimpjaw, tells you every day (when he isn't popping illegal Viagra in the Dominican Republic so he can molest little boys).

Well, as usual, you're unable to read the data from a chart you yourself posted.

Between 1992 and 2004 some 1.6 million H-1B visas were granted. The cap was raised in the LATE 1990s FROM 65,000/year to 200,000/year (as a result 1 million of those visas were granted between 1992 and 2000)...the cap was lowered BACK to 65,000/year by the current administration in 2004.

Those are the facts, as inconvenient as they may be for your viewpoint.

The ONLY way to shrink H-1B visas would be to make U.S. schools beholden to our nation's business interests (which I support). That would mean IBM would demand 100,000 new programmers to fill our needs THIS year and our education system would simply have to provide them.

Same result, business being able to flood the market and increase the labor supply to drive down the price/salaries of workers. That's the only way to keep a stable economy.

We can't have workers already entrenched in these fields seeking to limit the supply of labor in those fields (either by Union action, or otherwise) to create an artificial labor shortage.

It's wrong and it hurts the economy by driving up prices and raising inflationary concerns.

Take all those tech support jobs that went to India - were those jobs worth $120K/year?

Come on!

They read from a basic script. Now I'd have much preferred those jobs stay here in a flooded labor market, where the cost/salaries of those jobs would've been cut to 70 or 80K/year.

YSo now you're position is that you're no worse than a Limbaugh or a Hannity, as a shill?

Nonsense! I just busted you in a lie!!!

You said you were banned from here and I TWICE posted your farewell post from 1/23/06.

JMK, you are a Liberal. You don't believe in the free market, instead, you think the government is right to step in and flood a high paying job market with cheap foreign workers instead of letting allowing the market to balance itself. You think the government funded schools should use out taxpayer money to help Corporate America avoid paying the going Supply and Demand rate for programmers by flooding the market instead of simply allowing natural market forces to work.

I am a Conservative. I believe in free markets. In time, America would have produced plenty of programmers and not only would Corporate America's needs have been met, but America would be much stronger. Instead, because of short-sighted liberal jackasses like you, America is weaker, and India is stronger.


Again, you're mistaken, as you apparently don't understand the free market at all.

In a free market, the CONSUMER is primary, the business owners cater to the consumer and workers cater to the business owners (if employed) OR directly to the consumer, if acting as small businessmen or independent artisans (physicians, lawyers, craftsmen, etc).

No worker or GROUP of WORKERS (ie a Union) has any right to restrict access to that field of endeavor, for that violates the "economic FREEDOMS" of those would-be workers (applicants to that field), which would violate the "free" in free market.

The good news is that the government SHOULD NOT flood a field with workers either. No, the education system (both public and private) should, in the confines of a FREE market economy, be beholden to the business iunterests that are, in essence, the "founder of THIER feast."

So when a consortium of business leaders define a need, say 10,000 new Mechanical Engineers, or 25,000 new programmers, it should be incumbent upon the educational system to serve them up, precisely the way a wait-staff would at a restaurant - without question and with gratitude.

Sadly, America doesn't have a truly free market. We have a highly regulated market, that is much closer to what is commonly called Corporatism.

Of course, you have no problem with Corporatism (government regulation) until it (supposedly) harmed you.

Here are the facts, CONGRESS (not the President, or Executive Branch) is responsible for legislating ALL laws and Treaties, such as GATT, NAFTA, CAFTA and the H-1B Visa Program).

Presidents can push for and espouse such things, but Congress MUST institute them.

An overwhelmingly Democratic Congress expanded GATT in 1990 and a Democratic Congress passed NAFTA in January of 1994 (and a Democratic President signed that Treaty into Law). It is SOLELY the expansion of GATT and the passing of NAFTA that allowed for all the "outsourcing" we see today.

The H-1B Visa program was greatly expanded in 1992, and between 1992 and 2001, when the current administration took office, H-1B Visas went from under 50,000 to over 900,000!

In early 2000 (before the current administration was elected) a Republican CONGRESS raised the H-1B Visa limit to 195,000 for FY 2001, and Congress continued that 195,000/year cap for FY 2002 & 2003 and the current President signed off on that.

The limit for H-1B Visas was REDUCED back down to 65,000/year on February 17, 2004, by the CURRENT CONGRESS and approved by the CURRENT administration.

So I guess what I'm trying to explain, in the nicest way possible (I might add), is that you're not a "champion of the FREE market," any more than a bacon eater is a vegan. In point of fact, you're an imbecile as well, and you proved it by posting a web page http://www.zazona.com/ShameH1B/Demographics.htm that proved everything I just said...but apparently you failed, and continue to fail to understand it, no matter how many times I explain it to you.

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