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The International Community and Israel

Couldn't you just imagine a phone conversation between Jacques Chirac and Ehud Olmert that sounded something like this?

Chirac: Prime Minister Olmert? We want you to stop this disproportionate act of aggression at once. We want you to withdraw your troops from southern Lebanon, and we'll replace them with an international "peace keeping" force.
Olmert: With all due respect, Mr. President, this sounds a bit like déjà vu all over again.
Chirac: How do you mean?
Olmert: Well, we bowed to international pressure and withdrew our troops from Lebanon back in 2000. Then, as part of a deal that you yourself helped broker, the U.N. was to disarm Hezbollah so that it no longer would be a threat to Israel. We kept our side of the bargain, but the U.N. and the "international community" dropped the ball on theirs, and as a result the task of disarming Hezbollah has fallen in our own lap.
Chirac: All right, well say, how 'bout a second chance there? Had we known it would work out this way, we certainly would have made defanging Hezbollah a higher priority. Let us have a do-over. Bring your troops home and let the international force take over.
Olmert: Okay, fine. So when will your troops arrive?
Chirac: Our... troops?
Olmert: Yes, the international force you want in place to provide a buffer zone on or northern border. When will you be deploying your contingent of troops?
Chirac: Okay, see, when we say international force, we weren't really thinking of French troops, per se? We had in mind something more like poorly trained Bangladeshi mercenaries, who would wear blue helmets, rape young Lebanese girls, and stand idly by while Hezbollah kidnaps more Israelis.
Olmert: Let me get back to you on that.


I think you are out of line here, Barry. Just remember that France was the one country that had no hesitation about standing up to Floyd Landis when they discovered he had testosterone in his bloodstream.

Can you imagine how shocked they must have been to discover testosterone in a male racing cyclist? I heard that the Tour de France racing officials have estimated that Landis had more testosterone in his system then the entire population of France -- men and women! But that didn't stop them for one second from calling him a cheat...and they did it not long after he left France.

Hehe, withoutfeathers ... you beat me to the punch on France and Landis. They were probably comparing his testosterone to an average French male, and just assumed that 10x had to be doped.

Israel needs to stop targeting Lebanese civilians, and just nuke the Palestinians into dust. Without Palestinians, there is no longer a displaced people problem in the Middle East.

The French aren't the only ones infected with rabid anti-Semitism.

Today America's hypocritical Left targets Mel Gibson for his inane outburst, after ignoring far worse from the rabid anti-war Left.

My question is, " http://www.tmz.com/2006/07/28/gibsons-anti-semitic-tirade-alleged-cover-up/ then how can it be right for America's anti-war Left???,/B>


Whoops! Some of that got lost. Should read:

The French aren't the only ones infected with rabid anti-Semitism.

Today America's hypocritical Left targets Mel Gibson for his inane outburst, after ignoring far worse from the rabid anti-war Left.

My question is, "If this is wrong for Gibson http://www.tmz.com/2006/07/28/gibsons-anti-semitic-tirade-alleged-cover-up/ then how can this be right for America's anti-war Left???

Abe Foxman wants to prosecute Mel Gibson for his thought crime (hate crime). It still worries me that Barry and a lot of Jews really think that hating Israel, Jews, or bananas is against the law in the United States.

The "anti-defamation" league also refused to accept Mel's apology, so he had to apologize longer and harder until Foxman was satisfied. Now poor Mel's tongue is all brown and sore.

News flash: hating any group, religion, person, or inanimate object is not against the law.

Gibson was just baiting a Jewish police officer, which is pretty normal for an obnoxious drunk. If the officer had been black, I'm sure he would have dropped the "N" bomb a few hundred times.

Now you're putting words in Barry's mouth, but he can rebut you on that, I'm sure.

Suffice to say, I've never heard Barry say that "anti-Semitism is a CRIME," merely an unsavory form of bigotry, like anti-black and anti-Christian bigotry are, as well.

I'm no fan of Foxman's and don't know what percentage of Jews he speaks for, but Gibson's comments were, at the least, loutish and obnoxious...and he DID get preferential treatment, as most folks who bait cops get a little, shall we say, "ruder" treatment at their hands.

Gibson humiliated himself and I feel bad about his drinking habit. Those who would take pleasure in his situation are themselves petty bigots, in fact, that pretty much sums up most of America's hard-Left now-a-days.

well at least Mel wasn't pullin peters in the bushes at a city park.

Crap, i have to partially agree with Bailey that Mel was probably just baiting the cop.

He probably was ortho, but that's only proof that he got preferential treatment.

When an average citizen "baits" a cop, they're usually fortunate to get hit only with a variety of "extra charges."

People do dumb things when they're drunk. Imette St Guillen and Jennifer Mooore wound in the clutches of predators because, in their drunken state, they lacked the common sense they probably normally would've exhibited.

Gibson made the inane choice of messing with a few cops, because he lacked the common sense he'd probably have exhibited sober.

Though in his defense, the term "sugar tits" is not, in my view "sexist" at all. That female cop should've appreciated the attention, especially considering that Gibson has a reputation as quite a lothario.

In short, to paraphrase that old Nike ad, "Mel knows pillow talk."

This would be funny, If it wasn't so true.
It won't be long before America is over run by EuroPEONS. After the Muslim radicals take over, they will realize what we are fighting.

I'm a kafur you're a kafur, they must kill kafur's. NO grey area for the ACLU to wiggle around in there.

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