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Early tomorrow morning I'll head off for two weeks in Maine. I'll be far, far removed from the series of tubes that comprise the Internet (it is not a truck!) so I probably won't be doing much blogging until I get back. Take care, and I'll see ya around the end of the month.


have fun. who's the chick?

The chick is Anne Thurman, Uma's sister and the wife of Cynical Nation!

and barry in the foreground?

kidding, i'm kidding.

Have a great holiday. :o)

Hey Barry,
Have a good trip. I am also going early tomorrow on vacation somewhere in the east coast, with limited internet access. My wife thinks we should be at the airport at least 3 hours before our flight....So I also have to wake up real early ...see you when u get back.


This is the first year I haven't been up to Maine since 2002.

I'm heading down to Virginia Beach at the end of the month.

Enjoy Maine...if you're up near Bar Harbor - great whale watching.

Damn, how much vacation time do you get?

And is your work hiring?

Just kidding. Enjoy! :)

Geeze..I'm with CRB...and I'm NOT kidding..lol!! Hey, you deserve it..you work, play and blog hard man! Have a relaxing and peaceful vacation...enjoy. Let the good times roll...

Aren't you afraid that the terrorists might get you? Oh, that's right, your Chimpboy amulet will protect you.

enjoy your trip, Barry.

heh, its been a while since I looked in here but here I am killing time in Charlotte airport and I thought I would take a look and voila, you're off to Maine! We will be there in late September with my brother and sister- in-law at their home on Swan's Island, not far from the Bar Harbor area. Needless to say the trek from NC will be lengthy: flight to Portland, rental car to the coast and ferry out to the island....but its worth it!


Are you telling me that they don't have any internets up there at all?

have a good time

August 26- I say we organize a search party.

I think we can call off the search party now. :)

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