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New blog

Since it might otherwise escape your notice, I'd like to point out a new addition to CN's blogroll: Selling Out America. The writing style will be very familiar to regular readers of this space, as will the author's mastery of the gentle art of persuasion. Keep this new site bookmarked so you can continue to read the author's opinions in the likely event I have to ban his sorry ass again.


stupid fickin' Corporatists and Plutocrats. I hate rich people arrrgh!

Not all rich people are Corporatists and Plutocrats, in fact, they are a small minority.

Just eliminate a few assholes and the country improves 1000%.

Easier and better to just eliminate the few chronic whiners (G W Bush stole my job and gave it to a Pakastani...wah...waaah!")

Even easier to turn off your radio and let yourself recover from your Rush addiction.

What's your obsession with this Limbaugh fellow?

Apparently he is a real Free Market advocate, otherwise he wouldn't have the great Walter E Williams (professor Emritus in Economics, at George Mason University) as a guest host,so often.

Professor Williams is one America's foremost Free Market adovates. I interviewed him for articles twice...a great guy and a true American.

The likes of Limbaugh and Hannity are Conservatives, their popularity (and the fact that the top five rated Talk Radio shows are Conservative) pretty much shows how much those ideas resonate with Americans, giving credence to the poll that shows that there are more than twice as many Conservatives in America as Liberals; "Only 16% of the population self-identifes as liberal, (while) 36% self-identifies as conservative, and 47% as moderate."


It seems it would be easiest and best if the whiners among us would simply just...shut...up.

Or ... it could be that Limbaugh & Co. led the carefully crafted propaganda campaign, and lied repeatedly like a drumbeat until people associated "Liberal" with "Evil/Commie/UnAmerican/Homosexual/Black".

Maybe people believe this because all of the media outlets have been consolidated into a few conservative hands, thanks to Republican policies.

The concentration of wealth and power into the hands of a few is what alleged "conservatives" are all about today.

But it will change. It is changing already.

Sounds like you need your diapers changed BH!

""Liberal" = "Evil/Commie/UnAmerican/Homosexual/Black"???
outlawing gay marriage, repealing the estate tax, he wants to amend the Constitution to ban flag burning. He supports getting rid of the handgun ban in the nation's capital and says the Ten Commandments should be posted in courtrooms around his state. He favors school prayer, argues that more troops should have been sent to Iraq and wants to seal the border with Mexico."

My very own wife is a black Conservative from the Carribean.

Now "Commie" DOES = Nazi = Leftist, Progressive, far-Left Liberal.

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