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This is exactly why I voted against GWB back in 2000:

President Bush has acceded to his father's urging and has made former Secretary of State James Baker a leading adviser on Iraq.
After Bush's first term, I was lulled into a false sense of complacency that Poppy's friends were not actually calling the shots behind the scenes. Now this. Why, God, why?

Look, I think it's a positive development that Rummy is being sidelined, okay? But doesn't the Bush family have any other friends besides this James A. Baker guy? Anyone??


Erm. I guess not?

They are good friends with the Saudi Royal Family and the bin Ladens.

Baker defeated the Gore insurgency in Florida in 2000 with a minimum of bloodshed. No reason to assume he can't do the same in Iraq.

Baker defeated the Gore insurgency in Florida in 2000

Yep. He is responsible for sending the country 200 years back in time by helping in the installation of (king wannabe) George W.

Barely, you've got to get out more...and maybe even try to read a few more books.

The Saudi Royal family, like the Musharef regime are necessary partners of ours right now.

Yes, both despise the U.S. and for some very sound reasons, which most Americans should not worry themselves at all about (yes, we have f*cked both those places big time....but it had to be done...it was always for a good reason).

At any rate, those two governments are all that stand between those countries and a takeover by radcialzed Islam.

Saudi Arabia TWICE exiled OBL (who is estranged from his lovely family), the second time, they froze all his financial assetts in that country.

OBL has declared a fatwa on the Saudi Royals for "consorting with the Americans."

There are no reports of the Bush family knowing the bin Laden's.

It IS a fact that the bin Laden's who were here (about sixteen of OBL's relatives) on 9/11 were whisked safely out of the country, but that was done by Richard Clarke, who claims to this day that he didn't and didn't have to clear that with anyone else.

And Blue, 200 years isn't back far enough for me.

Sure I consider the Constitution a sacred text, BUT I believe the original Articles of Confederation (along with the Bill of Rights...though with the Articles of Confederation in place, government wouldn't have to be limited, as it would've been given so few powers) would have been sufficient for then...for NOW...and far into the future.

Almost all of America's ills have derived from the exceses of government.

FDR came in in the midst of the Great Depression and promptly DEEPENED that Depression.

When he took office some 3 million Americans were out of work. Just before WW II, there were over 12 million Americans out of work.

He did ONE THING right, he overrode the will of the American people (a majority favored non-involvement) and joined that war...putting some 14 million Americans into Uniform and "to work" overseas.

LBJ's "war on poverty" resulted in the percentage of Americans in poverty increasing from 12.2% to over 14%.

Today it's back down to about 12%...thanks, in large part, to Welfare Reform, among other things.

Today Conservatives are demanding that international terrorism be treated like the military problem that it is. After all, the political/diplomatic method has failed, the criminal justice method has proven inadequate, so the final option, the military one is all we've got left.

Those who insist on treating rogue state supported international terrorism as a criminal matter are not only misguided, but the core of that group (its leadership) is in collusion with the enemy.

The 4th Amendment clearly DOES NOT apply to enemies during wartime.

FDR intercepted communications from Nazi and Japaneses collaborators and their contacts in America and held prisoners/detainees until the "hostilities ended," and some were held in U.S. prisons until their deaths.

At this point radicalized Islam/Islamo-fascism is the primary enemy of America, followed, a very close second by the radical Left in this country.

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