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Life imitates parody

If you'd read me this headline out of context, I'd guess it had come from ScrappleFace.

But no, they're serious:

Fears of revenge attacks on stingrays over Irwin death

The question we should be asking, of course, is why do the stingrays hate us?


I've long ago taken my cue from South Park. Whenever I go to out kill any other living creature, I first shout out, "It's coming right at us!

That way you're covered under the aegis of self-defense.

That does, however, get a little dicey in public Aquariums, what with the glass enclosed tanks and all.

The beginning of a cycle of sectarian violence, I'm afraid.

Say what you will about Irwin, he knew how to keep the peace between humans and stingrays.

I've caught and killed plenty of stingrays, and sharks too. Like mosquitos, they are worthless and dangerous. They should be confined to medical research facilities in my opinion.

The oceans are for human beings, we shouldn't be afraid to swim in them.

So, Bailey, you shouldn't be surprised at the stingrays looking for a little payback.

Isn't the second most ridiculous thing you've ever heard? The first being the smoking thing you mentioned the other day (were you just kidding with that?).

The stingray is a mindless dangerous robot, like most animals and Neocons. It can't look for payback.

It is quite amusing to watch a stingray lash that tail around from the comfort of a large well-equipped fishing boat after driving a metal spear through its back with one hand while holding a beer in the other.

So much for the mighty stingray. Just another evolutionary loser.

Yeah, tell that to Steve Irwin. Oh, that's right -- you can't.

The stingrays I killed didn't hurt him, that's for sure. This is why the death penalty works ... eventually.

Somewhere in the South Pacific:

"It is quite amusing to watch a human flopping around from the comfort of a large well equipped coral reef after driving a poison spine through its chest with my tail while suckin' on a nice juicy scallop."

Stingrays are dumb animals, they don't enjoy anything. They are not human. They are meat machines, incapable of true thought, like neocons.

The stingray that killed Irwin merely reacting to an instinctive impulse. It neither understood nor cared what it hit, or if it died.

Anything more than that is projection.

I don't think I have ever before seen quite so much anger and hostility directed at a marine animal.

Did you lose a beer or a spear to one as a child? Did a stingray cheat you at three-card monte?

Where is all this rage coming from?

I don't hate stringrays, I just enjoy killing them. I also like to kill birds.

I would really love to kill an alligator or crocodile.

I like killing stuff. I would kill people if there weren't laws stopping me.

"I would kill people if there weren't laws stopping me."
LAWS don't STOP people from commiting crimes.

Funny story, back when the last Democrat ( a real Liberal too) to hold the Mayorship in NYC (David Dinkins 1989 - 1993) NYC had all kinds of laws against murder, even delineating murders into various categories...AND...NYC's murder rate during Dinkins' tenure topped 2,000/year!

Nope it's not laws nor even the fear of punishment (such as it is in this country), that keeps most people from raping, robbing and killing, but what goofey Liberals would call "bourgoise convention," a/k/a a common accepted morality that binds most of society together.

No, really, it's the laws, so long as they are enforced. Bush doesn't enforce laws against illegal immigration, but criminally encourages tens of millions of Mexicans to flood our country.

You are right though, it isn't the laws. It is the ENFORCEMENT of the laws that stops crime. Dinkins didn't want the police to enforce the laws too vigorously, because Jesse and Al would scream "racism!".

So, I am partially corrected, the enforcement of laws stops me from killing people ... that, and the fact that it is actually more fun to taunt them anyway.

The idea that human beings would behave without law enforcement is too childish and ludicrous for serious discussion.

Laws don't have thye power to stop crime.

Law enforcement reaccts to crime and extracts punishments for crimes, but does not and is not intended to deter, nor "stop crimes."

There are few predatory people alive today.

Roughly about 1/10th of 1% of the adult population worldide.

You are not among them.

You're rightfully fearful of getting caught, running into someone armed and ready to defend themselves, etc.

True predators don't concern themselves with such things. They neither fear punishment or death. Effective predators accept death as an inevitable part of life and consider their own deaths on a regular basis - that is to say, daily.

Dinkins didn't fail to enforce the laws!

Ray Kelly was Dinkins' Police Commissioner and he was actually pretty tough on crime.

No, the Dinkins administration didn't fail, it merely didn't go as far as the Guiliani/Bratton nexus did. Bratton went after "quality of life" crimes (public urination, turnstyle jumping, aggressive panhandling, etc) and found that they caught lots of career thugs with outstanding warrants with those sweeps.

The aggressive "Stop & Frisks," and the closing down of entire streets in various "high crime" neighborhoods, along with escalating sentences for repeat offenders, kept many predators off NYC's streets and by Guiliani's second term the NYC murder rate was at its lowest in over forty years!!!

Bratton was/IS a genius.

As to the border issue, the Republicans are the ONLY Party in favor of border enforcement.

The GOP House passed another immigration reform Bill that includes a 700 mile fence along the most well-traveled points along the border.

There is no other alternative to the GOP on the border issue. The Democrats officially ceded that issue to them back on April 5th, 1994, when they told then newly minted Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich that they would never be party to sealing our borders, calling it, among other things, "a xenophobic fantasy."

If you care about the borders, you've got to vote GOP...they're the only ones dealing with that issue.

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