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Men are smarter than women

Really, this is news?

This story is sure to raise a furor, but I'm not paying much attention to it. I scanned the headline and the first few sentences, chuckled briefly, and e-mailed it to my wife. I didn't read the whole thing. I don't know what the study's methodology was, and I don't really care.

I can tell you what methodology wasn't used, though. It did not include a survey of popular magazine titles marketed to the two sexes. Any study based on reading trends would have to conclude that men are about fifty points smarter rather than the four-point advantage cited in this study.

I mean, think about it. Every single women's magazine out there tells you you can have a bikini body in two weeks with this brand new diet. Never mind that every women's magazine on the planet has given you a brand new diet every month of the year at least since Robert Byrd's cross-burning days, and none of them ever worked before. Forget that! Just poney up a few bucks for this one more magazine and it will be the magic bullet to get you into that thong where all the previous ten thousand issues failed utterly.

There are, of course, plenty of muscle mags that tell guys they can get totally ripped and look like Arnie in his pre-Conan days, but they would never insult their intended audience by claiming they could do so in two weeks. Men would know better and wouldn't buy it.

So that's my scientific study about why men are smarter than women. QED.


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I'm still not persuaded (e.g.): "It is quite amusing to watch a stingray lash that tail around from the comfort of a large well-equipped fishing boat after driving a metal spear through its back with one hand while holding a beer in the other."

You think Bailey is a dude??

Are you about to shatter my delusions?

Barry has been confused from the beginning because the "Kay Bailey Hutchinson" switch in his brain is thrown every time he sees my name, and he has to run to the bathroom and lock the door.

I can't even begin to try those diets in the magazines...I love cheeseburgers too much.

Rachel-Hold the bread and you have Atkins.
Speaking of women's mags, have you noticed how sex obsessed women's mags are? Playboy is full of articles about sports cars and the NFL. Cosmo talks about pleasing your mate in bed. If you include the ads, I think Cosmo has more skin. (Not that a manly man like me would ever actually read Cosmo.)

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