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Path to 9/11

So did anyone actually watch the damn thing?

Meanwhile, The Onion is too accurate to be funny.


Thought it was very well-made (despite the hand-held cameras that made it hard to focus, at times). Great stories. Keitel's character is great. Terrific behind the scenes look at things--whether or not it's all purely factual. Very entertaining.

I only watched only the anti-Clinton bits. I stopped watching before they could rag on Bush.

Didn't see it.

You don't need to watch it, all of you just join in a big circle, hold hands, and sing, "It's Clinton's fault, it's Clinton's fault, everything is Clinton's fault!"

Michael Moore lied in his "documentary" ... but it didn't help the Democrats win. Dan Rather vouched for forged documents, but it didn't hurt President Chimpboy.

ABC can air Rove's talking points all they like, but it won't help Republicans win. Republicans will win by election fraud, as always. No paper trail anymore, so now you don't get a recount!

I didn't see it, but not for political reasons. I just...didn't think I needed to see all of that again.

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