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Can anyone explain Bob Menendez's position to me?

The issue became particularly prickly for Menendez at the Temple Beth Shalom in Livingston at a candidate's forum sponsored by United Jewish Communities of MetroWest NJ last night. Lieberman was the first Jewish politician to be on a national ticket when he was the Democratic vice presidential candidate in 2004.

A audience member asked Menendez why he was putting party loyalty ahead of a good candidate by backing Lamont. Menendez became indignant and he told the crowd of hundreds the premise of the question was dead wrong. He called Lieberman a "tremendous Senator," and said, "We wish him well. We hope he returns."

But after the event, safely away from the hundreds of audience members, Menendez had a different response when a reporter asked if he was endorsing Lieberman. No, he said, he is "officially" supporting Lamont, the party nominee.

So who's Menendez supporting in the Connecticut senate race? Or is the answer to that question audience-specific? Maybe it's one of those "quantum" phenomena, when the act of observing an outcome alters it (especially if the observer is wearing a yarmulke.)


What an ass!!!

He has no position. That made me conclude that Menendez sucks. But he is still a much better choice than Kean. If I were in New Jersey I would have to hold my nose and vote for Menendez. Cheers.

When Corzine appointed Menendez to that Senate seat, I was unhappy, and Menendez has done little to make me any more happy since (other than on the port security issue). The last straw for me was voting to repeal the Magna Carta. I am going to hold my nose and pull the lever for him (where I will not do so for the empty suit running for Congress in my district) only because Kean Junior is New Jersey's answer to George W. Bush -- a spoiled rotten, whiny scion using his father's reputation to jumpstart a political career. Kean is even more of an embarrassment than Menendez, and that's not easy. The other reason I'll hold my nose here is that I don't want to cede that seat to the Republicans. My Congressional seat is already Republican.

> I am going to hold my nose and pull the lever for him...

Of course you will! ;-)

I'm surprised that with your supercharged powers of observation you didn't notice all of the Bush flip-flops.

"Stay the course ... er, unless we start to lose power!"


Your question was disingenuous, Barry. You know what that was about.

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